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Tag: carbon footprint

Google pledges carbon-neutral shipping, recycled plastic for all devices

The new commitments step up the competition among tech companies aiming to show consumers and governments that they are curbing the environmental toll from their widening arrays of gadgets.

Climate envoys divide over reviving UN’s ‘zombie’ carbon market

The role of markets in slashing fossil fuel pollution is returning to the centre of the political debate about how to fight global warming.

Pressure mounts on aviation industry over climate change

The airline industry says it is "hellbent" on reducing emissions – but the technology needed to drastically reduce its carbon footprint is still a long way to come.

Shell eyes limit to how clean oil output can be in...

Europe’s biggest oil company says it plans to reduce its net carbon footprint by half by 2050.

EEV tax incentives only helping the rich so far

Middle-class Malaysians only enjoy a small 'Energy Efficient Vehicle' rebate on their more affordable electric cars such as Hyundai Ioniq, Mazda CX5, and Perodua Myvi.

Canada to boost nuclear power to help meet climate target

Until the latest announcement, the Canadian government had not emphasised nuclear energy as part of its climate strategy.

Plan to protect Indonesian peatlands with aerial mapping wins $1 million

If successful, the plan will help to prevent forest fires and reduce Indonesia's carbon footprint.