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Indonesian jets force Ethiopian cargo plane to land over airspace breach

Ethiopian Airlines cargo flight ETH 3728 had been flying from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to Hong Kong.

Singapore Airlines bans lion bones in cargo

Lion bones and other body parts are highly sought after in parts of Southeast Asia -- particularly Laos, Thailand and Vietnam -- for use in jewellery and for their supposed medicinal properties.

Confusion as China ports delay US cargoes, disrupting trade

News of the hold-ups came as Washington imposed tariffs on US$34 billion of Chinese imports from 0401 GMT on Friday.

Singapore Air CEO sees risk to cargo yields beyond trade dispute

Goh’s comments shed light on another potential threat to cargo rates as carriers brace for a possible US-China trade war that could undermine a market in which demand has risen since the fourth quarter of 2016.

Shipping better than using rail, say analysts

As such, they say cancelling East Coast Rail Line is unlikely to have much effect.

Chinese port with few ships stokes fears in Indian Ocean

The Hambantota port has become a prime example of what can go wrong for countries involved in President Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” trade and infrastructure initiative.

Export ship blocked after ‘shocking’ Australia sheep footage

The latest images had shown large numbers of sheep packed together in small, stifling pens, covered in or surrounded by excrement. Many were dead.

SpaceX launches cargo to space station using recycled rocket, spaceship

SpaceX blasted off a load of supplies Monday for the International Space Station aboard a rocket and a cargo ship that have both flown before, marking the second such flight for the California-based company.

Corruption, backlogs strangling Cameroon’s port of Douala

The port of Douala is one of the world's most troubled ports.

Realign, modernise to get KTM back on track, says expert

Goh Bok Yen says every major KTM station needs to be linked to MRT and LRT stations, which have greater access and are connected to hubs.

Waymo self-driving rigs to haul Google cargo

Google-owned Waymo on Friday said that its self-driving trucks will haul cargo bound for the internet giant's data centers in Georgia.

Japan reports suspected North Korea sanctions violation

The Japanese government claims that there was a cargo transfer between a Belizean tanker and a North Korean one.

Sarawak River to be super highway for ships by 2019

RM360 million project will make it unnecessary for ships to wait for high tide to sail up the Sarawak River as is the practice currently and call directly at Kuching.