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Tag: Carlos Ghosn

French home of ex-Nissan chief Ghosn searched in Versailles marriage probe

Police went to Ghosn’s home in the town of Etang-la-Ville as part of a preliminary investigation prompted by Renault earlier this year.

Ghosn surprised to hear of proceedings based on audit report

Carlos Ghosn says he's surprised that Renault's board starts a proceeding against him based on an audit report.

Ghosn’s fight to prove his innocence begins in Tokyo

Ghosn’s pre-trial hearing starts and he is facing four charges of financial misconduct.

Tokyo prosecutors detail Ghosn’s alleged cash transfer in revised indictment

A request by Tokyo prosecutors to revise the content of their indictment is now underway.

Toyota, Honda become latest automakers to warn of weaker profits

Tokyo and Honda may undertake new business approaches to keep the world's number one automobile maker brand going.

Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn released from Tokyo jail after posting bail

It was Carlos Ghosn's second spell in the Tokyo detention centre.

Ghosn’s new bail set at US$4.5 mln

Ghosn is set to post the bail and be released for the second time.

Crisis-hit Nissan issues fresh profit warning

Nissan has admitted its difficulties and downfall which is the result of Carlos Ghosn's affair.

Ghosn ‘facing fresh charges’ as detention expires

Ghosn will be hit with a fourth set of charges, this time for allegedly using millions of dollars of Nissan cash for investments in 30 companies. 

Japan Supreme Court rejects Ghosn appeal

The Supreme Court slapped down the appeal without explaining the ruling.

Japan court extends Carlos Ghosn’s detention until April 22

Carlos Ghosn was arrested for the fourth time last week.

Carlos Ghosn’s wife questioned in Tokyo

Carole Ghosn has increasingly emerged as a key figure in the case surrounding her tycoon husband, who is in detention facing multiple allegations of financial malpractice.

Carlos Ghosn appeals detention to Japan’s Supreme Court

The court filing is the first time lawyers for Ghosn have sought relief from Japan's highest court.

In 1st public address, Ghosn says he is innocent, victim of...

Prosecutors took the highly unusual step of re-arresting the auto tycoon last week on fresh allegations that he used company funds to enrich himself to the tune of US$5 million.

Ghosn loses last Nissan title while jailed on fresh charges

The extraordinary shareholders' meeting at a Tokyo hotel is the first such gathering since the stunning arrest of the 65-year-old auto sector titan on Nov 19.

Ghosn to reveal who he blames for arrest in Japan

Ghosn was re-arrested last week in Japan over fresh allegations of financial misconduct.

Japanese prosecutors ask judges to question Ghosn’s wife

Prosecutors in Japan believe Carlos Ghosn siphoned of part of the payments through a company where Carole Ghosn is an executive.

Japan extends Ghosn detention until April 14

Authorities are looking into new allegations that the former Nissan boss transferred some US$15 million in funds between late 2015 and mid-2018 to a dealership in Oman.

Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn arrested for fourth time

Carlos Ghosn fourth arrest signifies the severity of the crime committed by the now ex-Nissan boss.

Ghosn tweets press conference as authorities ‘mull fresh charge’

In the latest twist to the case, Japanese media reported authorities were probing a possible aggravated breach of trust charge.

Tokyo prosecutors readying new case against Ghosn over Oman payments

Tokyo prosecutors are in discussions with the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office and others and plan to make a decision soon on whether to prosecute Ghosn  on further charges of aggravated breach of trust,

Ghosn’s spending on yacht, jets said to draw Renault scrutiny

This is the second time Renault has signalled possible wrongdoing by Carlos Ghosn to authorities in France.

Renault said to flag Ghosn’s Oman payments to authorities

Renault claims Carlos Ghosn may have used money to pay a distributor in Oman to settle personal loans.

Ghosn’s lawyers ask for individual trial

Ghosn temporarily transferred personal financial losses onto Nissan's books during the global financial crisis.