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Tag: cash aid

BR1M not bribery if given to the poor, says Malay group

The Malay Economic Action Council says the BR1M scheme is 'good and strategic', the only issue is who receives the aid.

Does Singapore ‘bribe’ the poor too, Najib asks Azmin

The former prime minister says the concept of taxing the rich to help the poor is normal in other countries as well.

Umno man tells Zeti to resign over BR1M

Mohd Puad Zarkashi says BR1M was the idea of Bank Negara Malaysia which was led by Zeti Akhtar Aziz at the time.

Failed BR1M applicants can appeal from today, says Najib

Prime minister advises applicants to check their status through BR1M's official portal, adding that the deadline for appeals ends on May 31.

Penang reopens applications for RM700 flood aid

Registration will be open from Jan 15 to Jan 31.

Over 80% of Penang flood aid disbursed, says state rep

A total 49,533 applications for the one-off RM700 aid were approved, out of which 46,701 applicants had received their money.

End flip-flop over BR1M, Salleh advises opposition

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says it is an undeniable fact that BR1M is the best method to help the needy and boost the local economy.

Pakatan will provide aid but not BR1M, Azmin insists

Selangor menteri besar sticks to his guns that the monetary aid is a form of bribe.

No, BR1M is not a panacea

We are pretending to help the people through BR1M when we close both eyes to the inherent unfairness and exploitation in the system.

BR1M cash aid not ‘dedak’, says Najib

Prime Minister says 35 economists from the United Kingdom support the measure to alleviate the hardship by the poor.