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World Cat Day: When, how and why cats enslaved humanity

This World Cat Day, hug a cat and remember that it still retains the same nature of its historical ancestors.

‘Cats:’ Universal Pictures has unveiled the movie’s first official trailer

'Cats' will be released to North American theatres on December 20.

For its health and yours, keep the cat indoors

The new study looked at 19 different cat pathogens in more than a dozen countries.

‘Cats’ and ‘Downton Abbey’: Universal Studios presents upcoming films

The cast of the musical 'Cats' includes Oscar winners Judi Dench and Jennifer Hudson, as well as singer Taylor Swift.

Cat mummies, animal statues discovered in Egypt sarcophagi

The mission had also unearthed the first mummies of scarabs to be found in the area.

Judi Dench joins Elba, McKellen, Hudson in ‘Cats’

The multi-award winning octogenarian is to play the leader of a tribe of cats, Old Deuteronomy, who can choose which tribe member will be born anew.

Now your cat can wear a Snapchat flower crown, too

If you have a kitty or any other furry pet, update your Snapchat right meow for filters you've never experienced before.

Pet-friendly hotels in Malaysia that make your holiday whole

There are more pet-friendly hotels here than you might imagine, provided your dogs are well behaved and don't bark a lot and disturb other hotel guests.

Sabah bans public from bringing dogs, cats to prevent rabies

Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Junz Wong says the authorities have stepped up checks at border crossings after an outbreak in Sarawak.

Cat whisperers: You can get paid to cuddle cats on Greek...

A feline sanctuary on a small Greek island called Syros will pay you to cuddle cats all day while soaking in the sun.

Ed Sheeran’s cats take to Instagram

Pop star Ed Sheeran has an answer for the dog days of summer gripping the northern hemisphere: an Instagram account for his cats.

Could a parasite carried by your cat make you more entrepreneurial?

Could your cat be affecting your personality?

Taylor Swift in all-star film version of ‘Cats’

Pop superstar Taylor Swift will take to the silver screen alongside Jennifer Hudson in a film adaptation of the popular hit musical "Cats," reports said Friday.

Hollywood reports: Taylor Swift cast in movie version of ‘Cats’

The 28-year-old "Look What You Made Me Do" singer will join Oscar-winning singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, talk show host James Corden and veteran British actor Ian McKellen in the movie.

‘Cats’ choreographer Gillian Lynne dies at 92

Lynne died at the Princess Grace Hospital in London.

Please stop exploiting disabled dogs

Parading disabled dogs at fundraising events to elicit sympathy is an unethical practice which should not be tolerated.

Feline pampered: Basra moggies set paw in Iraq’s first cat hotel

Cats in Iraq's southern city of Basra are purring with delight as the country's first feline hotel opens for guests.

Pet cloning is not just for celebrities anymore

But animal rights groups say the process causes undue suffering to the pets that provide the egg cells and carry the embryos.

No more multiplying strays as Penang implements neutering

State exco Chow Kon Yeow says animal activists often accuse the state government of being cruel by putting stray animals down.

46 cats rescued from cages in Sentul apartment

Owner claims he could not afford to take care of them and had appealed for public donations.

Rabies: Over 300 pet dogs, cats vaccinated in Taiping

Perak Veterinary Services Department director Dr Fuziah Muhayat says this is a preventive measure taken to mitigate the risk of the disease spreading in the district.

Rabies: Vet recommends vaccinating dogs in northern states

Dr Devan Arumugam says there is also a need to tighten country's borders to prevent people bringing in infected animals from neighbouring countries where rabies is endemic.

Public advised not to take cat bites lightly

State DVS director says people must seek immediate treatment if bitten or scratched by a cat as they are at risk of contracting rabies.

Man jailed 16 years for killing 21 cats in California

He was caught after being found sleeping in his car with a dead cat.