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Age won’t stop 60-plus model Mitchell strutting her stuff

Pioneering black model Coco Mitchell returns to runway after a decade away.

Brazilian male model dies while strutting on catwalk

Tales Soares fell while turning to leave the runway resulting in his death on the last day of Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Age no barrier for China’s senior catwalk models

By 2050, 1 in 3 people in China, or 487 million people, will be over the age of 60 – more than the population of the US.

The End of Plastic: Eco-fashion becomes catwalk reality

Everyone from young avant-garde designers to the big-name brands are racing to hop on the eco-fashion bandwagon.

Longchamp heads to New York Fashion Week

Longchamp, which celebrates its 70th anniversary as a luxury accessories company this year, is ramping things up stateside with the opening of its debut LA store later this year.

Chanel recreates stroll down the Seine in catwalk ode to Paris

The fashion house, known for its extravagant runway displays, set the scene for its winter styles under an imposing recreation of the domed, neoclassical Institut de France that houses the country's language council.

Catwalk dreams now start with message on Instagram

casting director Leila Hassiba Azizi says Instagram "allows you to see things that you would not have time to look for in the street. It is much more intimate -- you find out much more about who they are".

Not all women can be models, says Dior designer

The size of models has become a hot-button issue, with many critics claiming that fashion presents young women with an unhealthy and unattainable ideal of beauty.

Why women top the catwalk cash charts

The gender salary gap in the fashion industry means female models are paid more than their male counterparts for the same job.