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What the CEFR is and isn’t

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is not an exam, reform plan or type of English, and students will not be compared to native speakers in terms of proficiency.

Kaji punca murid lemah BI, jangan salahkan guru, kata NUTP

KPM digesa mengenal pasti punca yang mempengaruhi tahap penguasaan murid yang lemah, berbanding memberi arahan supaya guru opsyen BI menduduki MUET.

PT3 English papers to follow European standard from this year

This will be followed by SPM in 2021 and USPR in 2022.

Tender buku teks bahasa Inggeris import dibuka

Ia bagi menggantikan 2 buku teks import "Super Mind" dan buku ‘Pulse 2’ yang mula digunakan tahun ini.

Zairil: Difficulty procuring English textbooks, an excuse for no open tender

DAP MP asks who are among the ‘English language experts’ and ‘evaluation panel’ that led to the approval for the foreign textbooks.

Why the rush to use imported English textbooks, asks DAP MP

Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari says the education ministry should rethink the use of such books, which are not only costly but also have zero local content.

‘Imported English textbooks will boost students’ proficiency’

Prof Tajuddin Rasdi says the books authored in Britain will expose Malaysian students to a higher level of English and help instil in them a wider appreciation of other cultures.