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Anger mounts in Hollywood over Fox immigration coverage

Many celebrities have criticised Fox News for its stance on the separation of migrant children from their parents.

Golden age for Kylie as Australia’s pop princess turns 50

At the age of 50, Kylie Minogue's legendary career is still going strong.

Now 57, romcom star Hugh Grant finally getting married

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein will soon get married.

MPs, celebrities call for ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit

Many people across the UK have called for a second referendum regarding Brexit.

‘Lord of Butt’: China’s weird names for Western celebs

Chinese is expressed using idiomatic characters rather than an alphabet, which makes it difficult to use the language to transliterate foreign names.

Chef Wolfgang Puck readies caviar, gold dust for Oscars feast

This is the 24th time that Puck is cooking for the Governor's Ball.

YouTube halts Logan Paul ads, sets stricter terms for stars

YouTube says the celebrity exhibited a pattern of behaviour in his videos that makes his channel unsuitable for advertisers and potentially damaging for other creators.

Foreign artistes come to earn money, not spend

It is unacceptable for foreign artistes to come in droves to promote their shows and earn big money from unsuspecting Malaysian Indians, says writer.

Party or not? Golden Globes proves test for Hollywood sex scandal

Due to the rash of recent sex scandals in Hollywood, this year's Golden Globes will have a very different tone as compared to most years.

Of politicians, celebrities and RM1,200 hairdos

Why the selective criticism of celebrities who voice concern over the cost of living, and political figures who do not carry the same burden?

Live cultural shows, the ‘opium’ of Malaysian Indians?

Cultural events featuring artistes from India make big bucks, but is anything ever channelled towards helping the Indian community, writer asks.

Rahman Dahlan invites Sheila Majid to EPU briefing on economy

In a Twitter post, the minister also extends the invitation to other celebrities concerned over 'high cost of living'.

Zunar: Wrong to blacklist artistes who ‘voice people’s concern’

Political cartoonist says Sheila Majid and other artistes are only speaking up about what ordinary folk are already thinking, on bread-and-butter issues.

We need to talk about radicalisation in prisons

The threat of radicalisation in jail among inmates and wardens is a growing phenomenon, and Malaysia has not been spared.

Taxman: 50% of local celebrities evade taxes, yet live lavishly

Artistes association says only 10% of them are rich, while an actor says maintaining their glamorous looks cost money, including for self grooming.

Hot holiday snaps put celebrities in the spotlight

Tongues wagging after Uqasha shown not wearing her head scarf and in revealing clothes