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State your stand on issues raised at congress, think tank tells...

Cenbet says unless the government clarifies its position on these matters, they will be seen as having the 'tacit endorsement' of the administration.

No room for ‘communal posturing’, think tank tells Azmin after remarks...

The Centre for a Better Tomorrow says Pakatan Harapan won federal power last year on the promise of being a government for all.

Jangan jadikan lantikan GLC ganjaran politik, kata badan pemikir

Jawatan kepimpinan GLC tidak seharusnya dijadikan 'ganjaran' kepada mana-mana orang politik.

Break free from the past, Cenbet tells PH on local council...

The Centre for a Better Tomorrow says the government should not be 'held ransom by racists and bigots' when it comes to restoring local council elections.

Politicians to blame for raising the heat, think tank says after...

Cenbet says the ministers and deputy minister who issued a statement questioning the police should not have done so, while the police themselves could have handled the situation better.

Cenbet: Pinda Akta Prosiding Kerajaan halang kerajaan fail saman fitnah

Kerajaan mempunyai sumber tidak terhad untuk menyaman individu dan pertubuhan kerana memfitnah.

Cenbet: Amend GPA to stop governments from suing for defamation

The Centre For A Better Tomorrow says allowing governments to sue or threaten to sue individuals or organisations could lead to a totalitarian state.

Cenbet hits out at mufti’s call to allow girls to marry...

Cenbet vice-president says in the context of Islamic justice, it is important to defend the best interests and welfare of children.

Stop justifying sex with a child, say 2 NGOs

Cenbet and Lawyers for Liberty say indecision on part of government only encourages more child marriages and grooming by paedophiles.

Forest City: Jangan takutkan pelabur, Cenbet ingatkan Putrajaya

Center for Better Tomorrow berkata pengumuman tentang keputusan dasar penting perlu melalui proses wajar sebelum ia dibuat.

Don’t spook investors, Cenbet tells Putrajaya over Forest City

The Centre for a Better Tomorrow says any announcements on major policy decisions should go through due process before they are made.

Think tank warns of power imbalance with Dr M in Khazanah

IDEAS says the prime minister's 'overwhelming' power might cause other board members to refrain from going against him in crucial decisions.

Tinjauan: Ahli politik paling kurang dipercayai

Tinjauan dalam talian oleh satu badan pemikir mendapati hanya 16% responden percayakan ahli politik.

Survey: Politicians least trusted, online media better than print

An online survey by a think tank shows only 16% of those polled trust politicians while online media is seen as more trustworthy than print media because it is ‘freer’.

Cenbet: Form bipartisan panel to oversee agencies under Parliament

Cenbet vice-president Simon Lim Seng Chai says the select committee will ensure checks and balances even if Parliament is dominated by one party.

MCA-linked Cenbet backs return of local council elections

The advocacy group for moderation and good governance’s co-president Gan Ping Sieu says conditions have matured to allow for restoration of the third vote.

Think tank shares lesson from AG drama

Centre For A Better Tomorrow warns that Malaysians must be on guard to ensure no one subverts the supremacy of the Federal Constitution.

Badan pemikir: Kabinet sepatutnya putuskan pembatalan HSR

Menurut Centre for A Better Tomorrow, keputusan pembatalan sedemikian sepatutnya mengikut proses sewajarnya.

Axing HSR party decision or Cabinet, asks think tank

Cenbet questions the manner in which the decision was made, saying it could set a bad precedent for the review of other government projects.

Cenbet: Stop election promises which bring long-term harm

As GE14 nears, NGO warns that country's long-term well-being is being sacrificed for short-term electoral gains.

Unicef: Unilateral conversion ruling in tune with UN convention

Malaysia is a signatory to the agreement that promotes the best interests of a child, says Unicef rep.

Cenbet: Hotels’ headscarf ban same as govt offices’ dress code

Cenbet co-president Gan Ping Sieu says what one wears is a personal choice and should embrace the diversity of our plural society.

Cenbet: Cara berpakaian hak peribadi pekerja

Badan pemikir itu berkata selagi sesuatu pakaian tidak menghalang pekerja menjalankan tugas dengan berkesan, tidak ada sesiapa pun berhak mengharamkannya.

Akyol’s detention: Did Jawi overstep its boundaries, asks NGO

Cenbet head Gan Ping Sieu says arrest of Turkish author Mustafa Akyol in KLIA suggests religious dept can question foreigners and order immigration to detain them.