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Tag: Censorship Board

Censorship board bans ‘female’ Wolf of Wall Street starring J.Lo

Too much obscene content that there won't be anything left to show on screen, says censorship board.

Padmaavat banned due to depiction of ‘cruel’ Muslim ruler, says Putrajaya

The home ministry says the Bollywood epic film gives a bad impression of Islam.

MP links teen pregnancies to free sexual lifestyle in films

PAS MP Khairuddin Aman Razali says Western movies promote the idea that premarital sex is normal.

Lam Thye: Violent movies one cause of rise in bullying

Even with film censorship, adolescents have alternative ways to watch violent movies, such as pirate DVDs or on the Internet, says MCPF vice-president.

Astro ordered to censor drama The Magnificent Century

Turkish historical fiction drama series tells story of Suleyman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Film Appeal Committee gave ok to ‘Beauty and the Beast’

This committee is not bound by the decision of the Film Censorship Board which wanted cuts to three scenes, says home ministry.

It’s go, go Power Rangers as censors give the nod

Movie based on 90s TV series, is second one this month targeted at children to be screened in local cinemas with a P13 rating due to 'gay' character.

Powers Rangers’ ‘gay superhero’ may see it banned in Malaysia

Movie held back from original release date this weekend, pending review by censorship board, 'to avoid any issues that may arise'.

Non-Muslim religious authorities can boost movie industry

We want to give space and allow our movie makers to explore the industry, says Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan.

Komas activist charged for screening Sri Lanka film

Lena Hendry is accused of screening the documentary without approval from the Censorship Board. She has posted RM1,000 bail. Hearing is on Oct 21.

Archived: Free our films

If 1Malaysia is true, whoever started the racial riots should not matter.