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Tag: central bank.

Central banks are poised to act as world economic warnings flash

Central banks are resuming their first-responder role as the world economy runs into trouble even if they lack the firepower they once had at their disposal.

ECB’s Weidmann sees no new stimulus need amid price pressure

Weidmann says the current situation does not require for the ECB need to react with any economic programs or further stimulus.

ECB hopeful Rehn lays out challenges facing Draghi successor

Rehn says the person to succeed Draghi must be qualified in both monetary and financial policy as well as capable in team play.

Pakistan names IMF economist as central bank head amid bailout

Baqir's appointment comes after former governor Tariq Bajwa and Federal Board of Revenue Chairman Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan were fired because of their “performance,”

Cuts in Philippine policy rate, RRR ‘inevitable’ this year, says central...

Despite its fast-growing economy, Filipino policymakers have to grapple with soaring inflation and raising its benchmark interest rates.

Philippine rate cut a matter of timing as oil rises, says...

Last year's series of interest-rates increment in the Philippines will ease its monetary policy.

Lockdown at Sri Lanka central bank amid bomb scare, airport road...

Sri Lanka is on high alert after an explosion occurred east of Colombo and a bomb scare at its Central Bank.

Indonesia intervenes to support rupiah

The rupiah led losses among emerging Asian currencies in early Thursday trading.

US Fed’s longer pause opens door for Asian central banks to...

It is a stark contrast from as recently as 4 months ago when the prospect of further Fed hikes was pummelling the region’s currencies and pressuring current account deficits.

Venezuela removed 8 tons of central bank gold last week 

The gold was removed in government vehicles last week when there were no regular security guards present at the bank.

Saudi central bank governor says does not see more bank mergers

Kholifey also says he does not expect deflation in Saudi Arabia thanks to consumer demand and real estate loans.

Philippine central bank chief Espenilla dies after cancer battle

Espenilla was a three-decade veteran of the central bank when he took office in July 2017.

Duterte signs bills to ease inflation, boost central bank powers

Philippine president approves amendments to the central bank charter that would expand its powers, restore the institution’s ability to issue debt, and pave the way for additional government capital.

Bank lending for ‘real economy’ key to boost China growth, says...

The comments come a month after Sun wrote a commentary in which he argued that problems with timely capital replenishment.

Italy’s populist leaders pledge to replace central bank’s top brass

Former officials at the banks face trial over allegations they sold grossly overvalued shares to small investors and lent money to clients on condition that it would be partly used to buy the shares.

No rush to reverse Philippine rate hikes, Guinigundo says

Monetary authorities will have to gauge how recent tightening impacted credit, interest rate and inflation expectations.

Philippines central bank is still on guard even as prices cool

Philippine's central bank governor says policy responses will be data dependent, timely and appropriate.

China central bank injects record net US$83 billion in open market...

The People's Bank of China says the injection is to maintain reasonably ample liquidity in the banking system.

UBS sees Fed hiking twice while Asia central banks pause in...

A growing US economy and low recession risk may provide opportunities for the Fed to ratchet up borrowing costs.

Thai policy interest rate won’t keep rising, says central bank chief

Veerathai Santiprabhob says unlike in the past, any policy tightening will not be continuous and will be data-dependent.

China c. bank adviser says China should defend yuan at 7...

The Chinese currency has lost nearly 7% of its value to the dollar since the beginning of this year.

Yemen central bank expecting US$3 billion to prop up stricken economy

The deposits are expected to further prop up the battered Yemeni economy and its currency, the riyal.

India govt does not need central bank funds yet, says finance...

Jaitley says his government respects the institution's independence.

Modi stacks Indian central bank board with allies to turn heat...

Two board members told Reuters that government pressure for easier lending policies is likely to become abundantly clear at Monday’s board meeting.