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Tag: Chandra Muzaffar

UM to host tribunal on atrocities against Rohingya

Dr Chandra Muzaffar who is organising committee chairman for Tribunal on the Rohingyas says witnesses will be called to testify in court-like setting.

Why the indifference towards our Rukun Negara?

While Indonesians have displayed a 'strong commitment' to the Pancasila, Malaysians are rather indifferent to the Rukun Negara.

Fostering unity through the creative arts

The film-maker or poet should be more critical of the flaws and foibles within his own community that impact adversely upon ethnic relations.

Chandra: Ex-CJ wrong about Rukun Negara

'There were legal experts behind the drafting of the national philosophy.'

Set up TN50 national consultative council, says DAP

Lim Kit Siang says the council should be chaired by Nazir Razak with representatives from the government, political parties and civil society among others.

Jadikan Rukun Negara sebahagian Perlembagaan, kata aktivis

Kumpulan itu akan mendekati ahli Parlimen dan Raja-raja dalam usaha menjadikan 5 prinsip Rukun Negara sebagai mukadimah Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Activists want Rukun Negara made part of Constitution

The group will approach lawmakers and rulers in their drive to make the five national principles a preamble to the Federal Constitution.

China mahu minyak, bukan pertukaran kerajaan, kata Chandra

Chandra mendakwa negara Barat menyebarkan Islamofobia melalui media untuk mendapatkan kawalan terhadap sumber utama minyak.

‘China wants oil, not regime change’

JUST's Chandra Muzaffar connects Islamophobia to the West's determination to control petroleum sources.

Let Rukun Negara be overriding philosophy to guide nation

By giving constitutional status to the national ideology, policymakers, administrators, civil servants, teachers and law enforcement authorities can refer to it for guidance in making the right decisions that will contribute towards national unity.

Mufti Arab Saudi melampau kafirkan Iran, kata bekas presiden PUM

Dunia Islam pada masa ini sepatutnya mengamalkan ‘taqrib’ iaitu mendekatkan pihak-pihak yang bertelagah.

National unity: Chandra told to get real

SakSaMa says the political scientist's article was written from his ivory tower.

Chandra: Pengundi Islam tidak akan sokong PAS kerana hudud

Pengerusi Yayasan 1Malaysia itu percaya umat Islam lebih mementingkan keamanan, stabiliti dan kemajuan ekonomi berbanding agama yang diperjuangkan PAS

Chandra: PAS won’t get more support pushing shariah agenda

Yayasan 1Malaysia Board of Trustees Chairman believes that Muslim voters value peace, stability and economic well-being more than PAS' Islamic credentials.

Hudud: Central to Islam?

The spread of Islam from Spain to China within one hundred years of Prophet Muhammad's death more rapid than the spread of any other religion in history was not due to some inherent attraction to hudud laws.