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Chatime Malaysia aims to be world’s biggest Chatime operator by year-end

A year after ‘comeback’, the company says it has recorded impressive growth and is looking to invest overseas.

Tealive, Chatime owners reach settlement on franchise disputes

Both agree to withdraw all court and arbitral proceedings in Malaysia and Singapore.

Tealive allowed to continue operations for now

The Federal Court ruled that there were special circumstances to allow Loob Holding's application.

Economist: Tealive saga unlikely to affect investor confidence

Barjoyai Bardai says although the company has to abide by court ruling to stop operations, investors following the saga may understand its defiance due to impact on employees.

Tealive outlets bubbling with customers despite court order

Loob Holding failed to get a stay order against a court decision prohibiting its outlets being operated similar to Chatime.

Mahkamah tolak rayuan Tealive teruskan perniagaan

Mahkamah Rayuan berkata pemilik Tealive melanggar kontrak dan kewajiban statutori dan memperluaskan perniagaan dan ini kes salah laku yang disebabkan oleh diri sendiri.

Chatime Malaysia offers help to Tealive outlets, staff

It says the decision to allow affected outlets to return and re-operate under Chatime was made due to overwhelming requests.

Tealive loses bid to stay injunction order

Tealive operator Loob Holding Sdn Bhd says it has instructed its lawyers to seek leave to appeal over a court decision stopping them from running a business similar to its former franchise owner, La Kaffa International Co Ltd.

Despite closure risk, Tealive staff optimistic on keeping jobs

This follows the Court of Appeal’s injunction order against the bubble milk tea operator from carrying out a similar business as Chatime.

Franchise holder Loob Holding to appeal against Court of Appeal ruling

It will also file a stay application to maintain present status quo until final settlement of entire legal process.

Court bursts Loob Holding’s bubble with injunction

The Appeals Court grants an injunction against the company from running a similar business as Chatime.

Chatime to sue Loob Holding over alleged brand misrepresentation

Chatime Malaysia group MD Aliza Ali says legal letter was issued yesterday to the former Chatime master franchisee.

Court dismisses Chatime’s bid for injunction against ex-franchise holder

This means Loob Holdings Sdn Bhd can continue its Tealive business throughout its 161 stores.

Chatime appoints new Malaysian master licensor

Will Group takes over the bubble milk tea franchise from Loob Holding.

Chatime seeks to stop Loob Holding from selling similar products

The injunction sought by La Kaffa International Co Ltd will be heard on May 29 at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

All but four Chatime outlets to rebrand

Former Chatime master franchisee Loob Holdings' numbers contradict that of Taiwanese owner who claims that almost 50 out of 165 outlets will remain with them.

Chatime: La Kaffa and Loob disputing halal status

Allegation by Taiwan company draws immediate denial by CEO of former master franchisee Loob Holdings, who says they have been certified by Jakim for past 6 years.

Chatime: Taiwan owner says new master franchisee identified

La Kaffa International confident of holding on to almost a third of the current 165 Chatime outlet franchise operators, to continue growing its brand here.

Chatime: Loob denies unapproved recipes, unpaid royalties claim

Malaysian master franchisee says dispute with Taiwanese franchisor La Kaffa will be settled in Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

Tea Is Our Life to replace Chatime

Loob Holdings CEO Bryan Loo says his team will work hard to popularise its new brand.

Chatime owner assures sub-franchisees of continued support

La Kaffa of Taiwan explains why it decided to terminate the contract with Loob Holdings, the master franchisee for Malaysia,

Chatime: Malaysian franchisee used unapproved ingredients

Taiwan's La Kaffa also alleges Loob Holdings Bhd failed to pay royalties on time.

Former Chatime operator has 45 days to rebrand

Loob Holdings CEO says company has accepted the termination notice by Taiwan-based franchisor La Kaffa Co Ltd, and will launch new brand in March.