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Tag: Cheah Kah Peng

GE14: Cheah ready to defend Kebun Bunga state seat

PKR assemblyman says despite issues he has had with the Penang government, there is no bad blood between them.

I forgive Zairil, says DAP rep accused of slacking in his...

Maverick politician also calls Penang CM and Zairil to contest in Tanjung Bungah or Kebun Bunga — 'if they are so good'.

Kebun Bunga rep: Claims of poor performance just to divert attention

PKR's Cheah Kah Peng says focus should be on solving flood and landslide problems.

PKR leader slams ‘naive’ explanation for flood aid bar

Penang PKR chief Mansor Othman says the move has damaged the camaraderie between Pakatan Harapan parties.

Penang PKR rep has no idea why Guan Eng sidelined...

He says since he had been left out of the picture, the village security and development committees or JKKKs are busy helping victims fill up forms for the aid.

Guan Eng confirms PKR assemblyman barred from giving out flood aid

Penang chief minister says this is due to ‘procedural changes’ and that he will personally hand over the RM700 aid to Kebun Bunga constituents with the help of another elected representative.

Publish findings on transgenders in assembly papers, urge Penang reps

The findings concern access to medical facilities, gender-neutrality in washrooms, public utilities, and issues with law enforcers.

50 houses on Mt Erskine slopes may collapse

For a permanent solution, nearly all 650 homes at the former Hock Seng Estate need to be vacated, says Pulau Tikus assemblyman.

Urgent call to repair lifts at Rifle Range flats after arson...

Lawmaker seeks help in state assembly after arsonist torches all three lifts at a low-cost block of flats in Air Itam, Penang, and difficulty in getting spare parts.

‘Threat against Bersih is threat against King and country’

The prime minister ought to step up and condemn the threats as a show of good leadership and example, Bersih's proponents say.

Phang’s company did not win project, says Guan Eng

The workers' hostel project was given to another company which had offered the highest price, says Penang CM.

Anggota mahu PKR ganti DAP ketuai PAC PP

Laporan keatas projek terowong dasar laut Pulau Pinang sepatutnya dibentangkan dalam sidang dewan kali ini tetapi gagal

Penang PKR rep: Where is PAC report on tunnel?

Uproar in assembly between PKR's Cheah Kah Peng and excos over delay in tabling of Public Accounts' Committee report.

PKR 5 kembali ke pangkuan Kerajaan DAP?

ADUN Kebun Bunga menyokong terhadap Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Pulau Pinang, selepas episod ketegangan dengan kerajaan negeri tahun lalu.

PKR 5 to support ‘whatever is good for Penang’

Backbencher Cheah Kah Peng shows support for Penang Transport Master Plan, the first among the five to reconcile with the state government’s plans.

PKR 5 ‘must’ reject reclamation motion

Senior party leader tells 'conscientious' PKR 5 to toe the line in state assembly, says source.

Penang Hill Corporation ‘made a big mistake’, says ousted PKR rep

Cheah Kah Peng wants PHC to apologise for removing him from its board.

Mengadu pada ‘Abang Besar’ Anwar, saran MYKMU

Portal pro-UMNO berkata demikian merujuk kepada pengguguran dua wakil rakyat PKR daripada syarikat milik Kerajaan Pulau Pinang

Lim Guan Eng diselar gugurkan ADUN PKR

Tindakan Guan Eng menggugurkan dua ADUN PKR Pulau Pinang dalam agensi dan syarikat berkaitan kerajaan negeri dibantah.

Will going to the movies be too expensive next year?

The movie industry is already subjected to a 25% entertainment tax and with 6% GST, cinema patrons will see an increase in ticket prices.

Archived: PKR to drop 3 incumbents from Penang list

Insiders say newcomers will contest in Machang Bubok, Kebun Bunga and Batu Uban.