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Tag: Cheating

Robbed by phone calls: How I lost RM95,000

A victim details his experience of being scammed.

CEOs who cheat on spouses twice as likely to cheat at...

A new study finds a strong correlation between adultery and workplace misconduct by corporate executives and financial advisers.

Man slapped with 45 charges over fake Westlife concert tickets

A salesgirl bought the tickets for about RM150,000.

Part 1: Beware these scams in Malaysia

Scams in Malaysia are exceptionally common and it takes just one slip to fall for it.

Bogus JPJ officer cheats car buyer of RM27,000

Woman told ex-civil servant she was in charge of auctioning off vehicles seized by the department.

Student loses RM19,000 to investment scam via WhatsApp

Police say the student had used his father's EPF savings after receiving an investment message.

Chinese national charged with cheating woman of RM180,000

She is alleged to have cheated a woman of the money to carry out rituals to rid her house of evil spirits in Kuching.

Thai demonstrators protest alleged cheating in election

Thai protestors had protested over alleged cheating in its first election since a coup in 2014.

Sabah villagers wage 40-year battle over land after ‘trick’ by forestry...

Villagers in Pitas claim the land was awarded to them by the Sabah government in 1971 but Safoda later 'tricked' them and turned the whole area into a large-scale plantation for acacia trees.

Charges of cheating amid confusion over Thailand’s election result

One party said it was considering a legal challenge over what it said were poll irregularities.

Ex-chef charged with offering non-existent job in Cambodia

The charge under the Penal Code provides for a maximum five-year jail term or a fine or both upon conviction.

Scammers now using Guan Eng’s name

'Parcel scam' comes to light after potential victim from the Philippines contacts finance ministry.

VW says diesel scandal cleanup to cost 2 billion euro in...

In 2020 Volkswagen Group will see costs of about 1 billion euros related to emissions cheating.

Report: Volkswagen denies allegations chairman knew early about emissions cheating

Volkswagen says it had been aware of the allegations for some time.

Indonesian firm lodges report against ‘Datuk Seri’ for cheating

It claims it lost RM138 million over a proposed oil and gas project in Aceh.

Japan’s Subaru recalls more cars, slashes guidance as cheating issue widens

Shares in Subaru, already reeling from a series of recalls for issues ranging from faulty components to inspection do-overs, fell 5% to a four-year low on Monday after news of fresh recalls.

Reforms needed at military academy as well, say ex-servicemen

The National Patriots Association says measures must be taken to tackle shortcomings at the National Defence University of Malaysia.

Defaming ex-IGP charge: Sanjeevan gets discharge

MyWatch chairman says he feels vindicated but says he still faces a long list of charges.

Algeria goes offline to stop students cheating

The pre-planned blackouts are due to continue for the whole period of exams, until Monday, to combat cheating among more than 700,000 students.

Pensioner loses RM288,000 in Macau scam

'Customs officer' threatens pensioner with arrest, claiming he had smuggled in an iPad from Thailand and failed to pay GST.

Malaysia-Thai police raid in Penang cripples Macau scam syndicate

Two suspected Taiwanese masterminds and 10 Thais were operating from a bungalow on the island.

Police warn of ‘GST’ phone scam

43 cases have been reported in Penang where victims are frightened into thinking they are being investigated for unpaid GST and made to deposit money into an account.

Woman faces 5 counts of cheating over purchase of watches, rings

The valuables were worth RM200,000.

Businessman conned of RM100,000 in non-existent land deal

The victim has yet to receive his deposit back despite being told that the deal had fallen through.