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Use registry of child sexual offenders to check on staff, employers...

At least 68 applications have been received from individuals and agencies to check on the background of their potential employees.

Study finds worrying trend of mute ministers in Mahathir’s cabinet

Iman Research says youth participants of discussions it held want cabinet members to be able to speak up against Mahathir, and are uneasy with the “fast rise” of Anwar Ibrahim.

Older women still need bone checks to prevent fractures

Other than women 65 years old or older, women who are smokers, women who drink excessively, and women who are underweight or have a parent who has fractured a hip should do likewise.

Singapore pledges to cut cash, checks on path to digital economy

To promote electronic fund transfers, the government-endorsed payments platform, called PayNow, will be extended to companies starting Aug 13.

Jeffrey questioned by MACC over BN bribe claims

STAR president Jeffrey Kitingan is interviewed for four hours before being allowed to leave the MACC office, after his house was raided the night before.

Some Klang voters mysteriously registered in Perak, claims MP

Klang MP Charles Santiago says they will be forced to vote in Perak as the electoral roll has been gazetted.

Ex-judge says court failed to use its additional powers in EC...

Paragraph 1 of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 gives judges the additional power to remedy a wrong, especially on fundamental rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution, says Sri Ram.