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Swiss specialities: chocolate, cheese and … wine?

The global reputation of Switzerland's winemakers may be set for a boost, backed by a new export promotion strategy.

5 delicious cheesecake recipes to try right now

Surprise family and friends with a fluffy and delectable cheesecake treat by following any of the recipes below.

Cheeses made from armpits and toes of celebrity Brits on display...

Cheeses made from bacteria of British celebrities will be exhibited at London's Victoria & Albert Museum.

Cheesy listening: study says tunes change Emmental’s taste

According to research on the musical tastes of Emmental, the holey cheese changes flavour depending on the melodies played as it ripens.

Wow… Aiskrim Malaysia pun letak cheese!

Semua kanak-kanak pasti suka makan aiskrim dan resepi baru dengan meletak cheese pasti sesuatu yang menarik

Wow ‘Cheesy Char Kway Teow’…peminat keju jangan lepaskan peluang mencubanya

Berani mencuba sesuatu yang baru seperti ‘Cheesy Char Kway Teow’ mampu menarik peminat setia makanan terutamanya melibatkan keju

Wisconsin prepares to crown US cheese champion

The Wisconsin-made Reserve Black Pepper BellaVitano was the last champion in 2017.

A sinfully delightful pairing of Häagen-Dazs and Mochi

These ice cream flavours - Tiramisu Mochi and Cream Cheese Mochi - are a combination of authentic ice cream with delicately-sized Mochi pieces within.

Dig into some delicious Punjabi cuisine at Big Singh Chapati

There are soups, salads, various types of chapati and naan, tandoor, chicken, mutton, fish, briyani, paneer, vegetarian meals, and even desserts to choose from.

Cheesy music: Swiss experiment with sound to make cheese tastier

A Swiss cheesemaker has embarked on an experiment to test the impact of music on Emmental, one of the most famous Swiss cheeses.

Mosto: For days when you’re feeling a little Italian in KL

Mosto Wine Bar & Restaurant offers wildly appetising Italian cuisine at surprisingly tame prices.

Bega Cheese to buy Saputo dairy plant for US$184.5 mln

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission concerned Victorian farmers have little choice when selling their milk after Saputo acquired Murray Goulburn Co-operative.

France extends cheese recall after E. coli cases in children

All Reblochon products produced by Chabert have been recalled.

Lithuania’s Pieno žvaigždės denies plans to produce cheese in Russia

Had Pieno žvaigždės done so, it would have circumvented a Russian-imposed ban on certain food imports.

Dutch robots help make cheese, ‘smell’ the roses

In the Netherlands, robots are being developed for a variety of uses.

Cheesed off: Italian regions highly strung over mozzarella

Even before Brussels has given its opinion over the DOP (protected designation of origin) label, the defence consortium of buffalo mozzarella announced an appeal at the administrative court.

Eating cheese does not raise cholesterol, study finds

A study published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes concludes that people who eat a lot of cheese don't necessarily have higher cholesterol levels than those who don't.

The Italian Connection

Its décor is quietly refined and the ambience is an expression of restrained elegance.

Archived: Viva Vivo with lots of cheese!

When it comes to Western food, there's always pizzas, pasta, salad – and cheese.