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Germany charges Syrian with stabbing that sparked Chemnitz riots

The suspect, identified only as Alaa S. under Germany's privacy laws, stabbed the man during a quarrel in the eastern city of Chemnitz.

German police arrest six over Chemnitz xenophobic violence

German authorities did not say if the suspects were involved in the wave of xenophobic marches that swept Chemnitz at the end of August following a fatal stabbing, allegedly by an asylum seeker.

Germany frees Iraqi suspect in killing that sparked racist attacks

Saxony state, where Chemnitz is located, has been a stronghold of far-right parties and groups that bitterly oppose Chancellor Angela Merkel for her 2015 decision to keep open German borders to a mass influx of migrants and refugees.

Merkel: Spymaster dispute won’t fell German coalition

Many Germans were alarmed by images distributed on social media of skinheads performing the Hitler salute during the protests in Chemnitz.

Thousands pack huge anti-racism gig as Merkel urges Germans to speak...

After a weekend of protests in which right-wing extremists vastly outnumbered counter-protesters, a huge crowd estimated by city authorities as 50,000 people massed at the Chemnitz free concert Monday.

18 injured in German protests for and against migrants

In all, 18 people were injured, including three police officers, said in a statement Sunday, doubling their earlier injury estimate.

U2 cancels Berlin show after Bono loses his voice

Bono appeared to have a problem with his voice after the first few songs - the 58-year-old stopped singing to drink from a thermos flask.

Three sought for “xenophobic” attack on migrant in eastern German town

The incident occurred days after the violent protests in the eastern city of Chemnitz that were triggered by the fatal stabbing of a German man there.

New German far-right rally after knife killing sparks mob violence

Some carried banners or insignia of the far-right AfD and neo-Nazi NPD parties and other extremist groups, while a handful delivered the illegal right-handed Hitler salute.