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Tag: Chengdu

Chengdu: China’s ‘best city’ for tourism

From traditional tea shops, courtyard restaurants and street food stalls to modern, sprawling buildings and shops selling branded goods, Chengdu has it all.

The fascinating Renmin Park of Chengdu

This park is a hive of activity as people dance, sing karaoke and even practise calligraphy on the stones.

2 maut, 12 cedera dalam kemalangan taman tema di China

Polis mengarahkan taman berkenaan ditutup dan pihak pengurusan turut dipanggil bagi membantu siasatan.

Cuddling pandas in Chengdu

In return for a donation of RM1,210, visitors get a rare chance to touch a panda. They receive a photo, T-shirt, video and donation certificate as souvenirs.

Sichuan Airlines jet makes emergency landing after cockpit windshield breaks off

Sichuan Airlines 3U8633, which had left Chongqing for Lhasa, had to make an emergency landing in Chengdu.

Tearful reunion highlights plight of China’s missing children

Child trafficking and disappearances of children are disturbingly common in China.

‘Gotta find a way’: Chinese rap in crisis after crackdown

Chinese rock was similarly poised for a breaktrhough but quickly forced underground by the government.

Malaysian companies to invest US$1.5b in China real estate

The Asean-China Economic and Trade Promotion Association says 20 Malaysian companies are expected to make the purchases during a property development forum in Chengdu in January.

China outrage over ‘panda abuse’ video

The cubs appear to make repeated attempts to sneak out of the enclosure, with staff manhandling them to keep them inside.

China’s Sichuan cannot get enough spicy marinated rabbit heads

Sichuan is renowned for its spicy, peppery local dishes: one of its favourites are bunny brains, often eaten as a late night treat on the streets of its capital, Chengdu.