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Tag: Chicago

Kosgei crushes Radcliffe world record in Chicago Marathon

Fans cheering the 25-year-old on gave her energy to win race.

Families file suit in bizarre US mistaken identity case

The Bennett and Brittman families are filing lawsuits against the Chicago Police Department and Mercy Hospital claiming negligence.

Chicago sues actor Jussie Smollett for police costs

Jussie Smollett has said he has always been truthful about the incident.

Chicago to sue US actor over alleged hoax attack

The black, openly gay actor has denied accusations that he hired two acquaintances to stage a racist and homophobic attack in order to gain publicity.

Newcomer Mayor Lori Lightfoot takes on Chicago establishment

Chicago has now become the largest American city to elect a black woman as its mayor, and an openly gay woman as well.

Chicago to elect first black female mayor

Since 1837, Chicago has chosen only one other black mayor and one other female mayor.

‘Empire’ actor charged with filing false report of assault

'Empire' star Jussie Smollett's case takes a huge turn as he is now facing felony criminal charges for false claims of assault.

After a month of shutdown, US federal workers turn to food...

Dozens of federal employees including customs, tax and emergency management officials have been lining up in Brooklyn for basics, having gone unemployed since Dec 22.

Ex-Chicago policeman sentenced to nearly 7 years in black teen’s death

Activists wanted a longer sentence.

Raise a glass to Chicago, US city with most breweries

The sheer volume of brewers in Chicago makes a strong case for the Midwestern city to take the crown as the country's beer capital.

US police beat undercover cop during protest

The four officers face various felony charges, including deprivation of constitutional rights and obstruction of justice.

Chicago hospital shooting leaves 4 dead

An argument in a hospital parking lot escalated into a shooting that killed four.

US cop charged in wrong apartment shooting fired by police

She fired two shots after seeing a silhouette of a figure who didn't respond to verbal commands.

Anderson beats Djokovic again in Laver Cup as Team World hits...

South African Anderson led the charge by blasting 17 aces past the Serbian world number three in a 7-6(5) 5-7 10-6 victory.

Black US teen shot dead for ignoring police, court told

Van Dyke's lawyers argued that he fired because the teen suddenly began heading toward restaurants filled with people. 

US cop charged for shooting black man in wrong apartment

The policewoman got off on the wrong floor of the building complex and approached an apartment exactly one floor above her own.

4 dead, including gunman, in Cincinnati bank shooting

5 people were shot, some multiple times, and 1 victim died at the scene while 2 others succumbed to their injuries in hospital.

White Chicago cop on trial for black teen shooting death

Several other police officers connected to the case face criminal charges for making false statements or impeding the investigation into the shooting.

Fall Out Boy release surprise EP ‘Lake Effect Kid’

Following an announcement on Twitter, the American band has released a three-track EP.

US appeals court says GSK cannot be sued over generic drug...

The case weighing whether brand-name manufacturers can be sued for injuries blamed on generic drug versions was closely watched within the pharmaceutical and legal industries.

Drill music deaths reveal London street gang violence

A form of hip hop, drill music defenders argue it expresses the nihilistic hopelessness of inner-city life, not the cause of gang wars that have killed and maimed dozens of young black men.

Five killed, dozens shot in Chicago ‘violent night’

Chicago Police chief of patrol Fred Waller told a press conference some of the shootings were "targeted" and related to gang conflicts.

Chance the Rapper buys Chicago news site

Chance the Rapper has entered the news business by buying the Chicagoist website and announced the purchase through song on Thursday.

Four hurt in medical helicopter crash on Chicago highway

A patient in the air ambulance is in critical condition.