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What’s cookin’: Quick and tasty Mee Hoon Goreng Bonda

Here's a wonderfully easy and tasty version of mum's ultimate comfort food and you too can whip up in a jiffy.

Chicken Teriyaki: Make a Japanese classic in your own home

This recipe uses only four ingredients and teaches the techniques on how to get a super crispy and crackly skin.

Chicken Curry Kapitan: Rich, delicious and spicy

This recipe for Chicken Curry Kapitan is a 'dry' curry, meaning the gravy is thicker than most others.

Murgh Tikka: Pakistan-style BBQ spiced chicken

Tikka means pieces or morsels. Thanks to the spiced yogurt marinade they become succulent flavoured morsels, perfect for gatherings.

Inside the noisy, bloody war zone of Selayang market

It's an endless cacophony of voices, motorcycle horns and traders haggling, arguing and sometimes fighting which pauses only when Immigration arrives.

Eat out: Deliciously spicy Kelantan-style Nasi Kukus

Nasi Kukus is essentially steamed rice doused with a mixture of spicy gravies and paired with a protein of your choice.

Masterchef contender shares her Ayam Masak Merah recipe

Rendang-gate created quite a stir when a judge told Zaleha her delicious Chicken Rendang wasn't 'crispy' enough. Here's another one of her famous dishes.

5 banana leaf restaurants in KL you must try

Scattered around TTDI, Bangsar and Brickfields the banana leaf meals here are truly delicious regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or meat eater.

Comforting slow-cooker creamy coconut chicken stew

The good thing about making stew in a slow cooker is that there's no need for stock.

Tummy-pleasing Chicken Asam Pedas is easy to make

Although traditionally cooked with 'meaty' types of fish, you can easily swap the protein in any Asam Pedas recipe to chicken, beef, oxtail or mutton.

China imposes anti-dumping tariffs on Brazilian chicken

Brazil is the largest source of frozen chicken meat in China, accounting for nearly 85% of all imports in 2017.

Mydin boss cries fowl over chicken export amid supply shortage

Ameer Ali Mydin questions why the government is still allowing export of chickens amid a purported drop in supply.

Slow-cooker chicken soup: Comforting and nutritious

Cooking is now so easy - just dump everything into the slow cooker in the morning, head to work, and come home to a perfectly cooked meal.

Opor Ayam: A family recipe for the curious and hungry

Opor is a dish from Indonesia, in particular Central Java that is cooked and braised in coconut milk and popular during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The dangers of antibiotics-injected chicken meat

Injecting chickens indiscriminately with antibiotics creates drug-resistant 'super bugs' i.e. bacteria that is able to survive and develop regardless of medications to fight it.

Nameless chicken rice stall in Jalan Ipoh is a winner

Delicious roast chicken, flavoursome rice and lip-smacking pork balls in soup, make this stall rather memorable.

US pigs out on bacon, ribs as trade wars cut chicken...

The pain for chicken producers and the increased appetite for pork are ripple effects of Trump's trade disputes.

A Malaysian take on a wholesome, hearty chicken soup

Soup is best served hot for a full soul-warming effect and tastes even better the next day when the flavours intensify.

5 unique street foods to try in Jalan Alor

The entire perimeter lights up with a surge of activities at night, becoming a place where vendors, locals, and tourists come together in the name of food.

Chicken Sambal: When dish meets condiment

Chicken Sambal goes perfectly with plain white rice, ketupat and even does double-duty as a component in Nasi Lemak – it’s chicken and sambal all in one after all.

Beef Rendang: A traditional dish done the right way

Cooking Beef Rendang is not as complex as you think provided you have a hefty dose of patience as it takes three to four hours on the fire to get the meat tender.

Britain, EU play game of chicken in Brexit countdown

The EU insists Britain come to terms on its withdrawal treaty, notably now on the Irish border "backstop", before Barnier enters into talks on a future trading relationship.

Kerisik: How to make this essential ingredient at home

Kerisik has a delightful, mouth-watering scent, and a deep, toasty-smoky coconut flavour that adds a different dimension to the dishes it is made with.

Chicken Curry: A classic recipe to curb your cravings

Here's a not-too-spicy but authentic chicken curry that you can pair with rice, bread, roti canai, string hoppers or noodles.