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Adenan wants to go fishing after polls

Sarawak chief minister shows his softer side, speaking about his likes, dislikes, his diet and when he had a band called Vagabond.

Over 1,000 underage marriage applications in 2015

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rohani Karim says a 16-year-old non-Muslim girl can marry with the approval of the Chief Minister.

Teh refuses to step down over motion to limit CM’s tenure

Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu says he is ready to face any possible backlash including calls for him to resign.

‘Don’t ask Guan Eng to step down on a non-issue’

The Malaysian Bar should not be overzealous as the seller has signed a statutory declaration stating she was a willing seller, says Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer.

‘Cut out the stunts, Guan Eng’

Gerakan's Dominic Lau dismisses media tour Penang Chief Minister conducted at his house as being just a "gimmick".

Banners opposing Guan Eng pop up

Banners accusing Penang Chief Minister of being a dictator appear in Penang island and Butterworth.

Adenan delivers on promise with 3 grants totalling RM5.2m

Sarawak Chief Minister hands out grants totalling RM5.2 million to three organisations.