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Tag: child abuse

Unicef alarmed by tweets selling child sex

Users are offered, for a fee, membership in WhatsApp groups that let them chat with boys and view gay porn.

More needed to protect kids from abuse, says activist

James Nagayam of the Suriana Welfare Society says the many reoccurring cases of child abuse point to an ineffective system.

Father arrested in Japan for using stun gun to discipline children

More than 50 countries mostly in Europe have laws prohibiting corporal punishment of children in the home, which some researchers say is an ineffective form of discipline.

Two-year-old boy dies of internal injuries, stepfather nabbed

The boy may have been punched in the stomach and back, say police.

Controversy over South Korean ban on corporal punishment at home

A law allowing South Korean parents to physically discipline their children is to be scrapped, prompting controversy in a country where hierarchical family values still predominate.

Don’t do it, parents told on public shaming of kids

A social worker and a psychologist say shaming children on social media is a form of emotional abuse which can inflict long-term harm.

Cops seek mother who beat up her 3 kids

The 42-year-old woman is said to have fled to Kedah.

Act now, group tells cops after celebrity dad canes 9-year-old for...

Aliff Syukri posted a video showing him treating his daughter's wound, and later defended his act.

US ‘House of Horrors’ parents jailed for torture, abuse

The case came to light last year when one of the children escaped through a window from the couple's home and called emergency services.

Pope signs new law to prevent child abuse

The new legislation makes it obligatory for superiors and co-workers to report abuse allegations, punish failure to report and offer assistance to victims and families.

Cops nab suspected child abuser

The 30-year-old suspect was detained at a food stall this evening.

Ugandan mother jailed after becoming first convicted of FGM in UK

England's criminal court states that female genital mutilation or FGM is a form of 'child abuse.'

Meet the ‘mother’ of the cops’ women and child investigation division

Ong Chin Lan was instrumental in establishing D11 as well as the Child Interview Centre and the NUR Alert system.

Australia’s Cardinal Pell sued for alleged child abuse in 1970s

The claimant cannot be named for legal reasons and the court did not make the claim public.

Parents arrested over abuse of 12-year-old boy

Police seize an electrical wire, a cane and a shirt hanger believed to have been used to abuse the boy.

PM Abe vows to tackle growing child abuse in Japan

Japan's prime minister also says the government will raise the number of child welfare workers by some 1,000 for the next fiscal year starting in April from the current 3,200.

Berlinale film breaks silence over church child abuse

The film explores the impact of the protagonists' decision to act on long-dormant memories of abuse on scouting excursions and summer camps.

KL police arrest ‘baby throwing’ Russian couple

This followed public complaints over their street stunt of flinging the child dangerously.

No probe of Russians in ‘baby throwing’ act unless report lodged,...

The Russian couple behind the street act calls it a form of 'exercise' for their toddler.

Incest, abuse happens when parents treat children as property, says expert

Senior paediatrician Dr Irene Cheah Guat Sim says some parents think since the child is their ‘property’ they can do what they like with them.

Tougher laws not enough to prevent child abuse, says doctor

Dr Irene Cheah Guat Sim says perpetrators may not realise that their actions constitute abuse or neglect, while cultural norms further muddy the waters.

Child abuse: Strong medical reports help convict offenders, says paediatrician

Dr Irene Cheah Guat Sim admits that at times the reports produced by doctors are disappointing and not very conclusive.

2 ministries to discuss bringing sex education to schools

Deputy minister Hannah Yeoh says parents and grown-ups will be in denial if they don't want to discuss sex among young people.

Prepaid agent pleads guilty to causing burns to 2 of his...

Magistrate allows RM15,000 bail for each charge with a condition that the accused does not go close to the children he has hurt.