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Tag: child abuse

Toddler believed to be abused dies

The two-year-old girl is believed to have been abused as there are bruise marks on her abdomen and genitals, besides old and new bruise marks on other parts of her body.

Husband, wife charged with causing injury to teen

Man pleads guilty over assault on brother-in-law, 14, and will serve three years' jail, as wife claims trial.

Police draft new law against sexual grooming of children

Discussions going on at federal police headquarters before draft is sent to AG's Chambers.

Man held to assist probe into child molestation case

The 20-year-old suspect has been remanded after giving his statement over the molestation of a 6-year-old girl.

Chef jailed for abusing five-year-old

Father hit child for not doing household chores, counsel for accused tells court.

Boy, 5, lands in hospital after caning by dad

Police detain father and seize cane and clothes hanger used to inflict punishment on boy.

Why did no one tell on Huckle for nine years?

It is perplexing that during this prolonged period of systematic abuse, no suspicions were aroused and no police reports were lodged

Sex education classes in kindergartens?

Education minister says talks are to be held with experts on whether the subject is appropriate.

10 steps to protect children from paedophiles

Harsher penalities and legislation, while necessary for horrific crimes, will not really protect our children.

Huckle given 23 life sentences

Richard Huckle had masqueraded as a devout Christian, philanthropist and English teacher to prey on poor Christian children in Kuala Lumpur over nine years.

Give priority to protecting the kids

We know what needs to be done. If we don't do it, we make it easier for abusers.

Nursery owner, ex-worker held to help in child abuse case

Police are still tracking down another former female worker after photos of the two abused babies were spread on social media yesterday.

Ministry vows to care for abused boy if mother rejects him

Women, Family and Community Development Minister says last resort available, as search for the child's mother bears fruit.

Man chains son to handrail for ‘being naughty’

Eight-year-old also stripped naked, forced to relieve himself at stairway of flats.

Death of boy, 6: Couple fined RM40,000 for abuse

Taxi-driver and mother of six were accused of negligence at their home in Permai Ria apartments, Ampang.

Whipping abolished in amended Child Act

It enforces community service for child offenders, besides increasing jail terms and fines.

Baby girl dead after being thrown to floor

Police detain immigration officer and male companion for murder investigation.

Set up mechanism to stop pupil abuse

Child rights advocate calls for teachers to be educated on children's rights and the code of ethics of being an educator.

Child abuse probe after girl, 2, dies at clinic

Police say injuries and bruises found on girl's head, statements to be taken from witnesses

Welfare dept must protect abused girl’s cultural rights

Let the child be placed in an environment where she can be brought up as a Hindu with proper religious and cultural exposure.

Father defends NGO chief in slapping video

My son was wrong and had to be disciplined, he says after video of slapping incident

Ramasamy: Let grandma take abused child

Penang deputy CM accuses KL authorities of giving 'too much guidance' to hospital.

Man faces murder charge for death of girlfriend’s son

Charge carries mandatory death sentence on conviction.