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Tag: Child Act

It’s a crime if a teacher abuses a pupil

When a child needs protection, the police and Welfare Department must take action under the Child Act even if the parents of a child withdraw a complaint.

Kids taking part in protests isn’t exploitation, say lawyers

However, lawyer Sharmila Sekaran says what's important is ensuring their safety.

Boy who committed incest with sister to be given lawyer, says...

Leong Cheok Keng says the lawyer will mitigate for a lower sentence for the 14-year-old.

Tahfiz teachers detained for threatening to cut off boy’s private part

The boy's father found out about the incident through video clips shared on social media.

Lawyers: Man on ‘rope jump’ with child can be charged

They say action can be taken against Redha Rozlan who held daughter as he did a 'rope spring jump' off a bridge, as seen in a video that has gone viral.

Jail, caning do not stop child sexual crimes, says activist

Voice of Children executive director Sharmila Sekaran says culprits should be given rehabilitative treatment by experts while in prison and after they have served time.

Boy dies in fall from Sentul apartment

Police say the six-year-old was alone in the house when the incident took place.

Article 121 amendment illegal, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says changes in 1988, which effectively removed the independence of the judiciary, is illegal because it cuts across basic structure of written Federal Constitution.

Suhakam backs marriage age of 18 for Muslim girls

Human rights commission says government proposal is in line with Child Act and United Nations goal to end child marriages.

Child sex offenders list ready next month

Employers can check with Social Welfare Department whether potential employee has any criminal record involving a child, says minister.

Zahid wants immediate enforcement of amended Child Act

Bill passed by Parliament last month strengthens legislation and includes provision on having a registry of sexual offenders.

Parents show support for amended Child Act

Thumbs up for Child Act that has abolished whipping for child offenders and focuses on community service.

Gerakan wants name-and-shame list for child sexual abusers

Tan Lian Hoe of Gerakan says such a list would act as a deterrent to potential sex offenders.