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Tag: child marriage

Fight child marriage by ending poverty, says SIS

Putrajaya is urged to invest more in training women to be leaders, ahead of Budget 2020.

‘Gift for children’ as Indonesia raises marriage age

Previous age limit for girls was 16, or none if requested by parents.

Child marriage often seen as fix for teen pregnancies, says group

Voice of the Children says this becomes the focus instead of determining the cause of teen pregnancies and how to reduce such cases.

End child marriage ‘hell’ for Indonesian girls, lawmaker urges

Indonesia reportedly has one of the worst records for under-age marriage – its high number of child brides puts it among the top 10 countries worldwide.

Focus on shariah family laws first, urges Sisters in Islam

Putrajaya urged to end child marriages by standardising minimum age of marriage in all states.

UN study finds 115 million child grooms globally

The study finds that the Central African Republic has the highest rate of child marriage among boys followed by Nicaragua and Madagascar.

Hundreds protest against child marriage in Lebanon

Women of all ages come together and marched on parliament in the capital Beirut to fight against child marriage.

Women’s groups rap PAS man over comments on underage marriage

Sisters in Islam says the Tumpat MP's stand against increasing the marriage age and on marrying off couples caught for khalwat is not in line with the interests of children.

Muslim group tells PAS-led states to toe federal line on underage...

Sisters in Islam voices concern over a revelation that Kelantan approved 10 underage marriages in the past one year.

Activist, Pakatan MPs remember Shabudin’s controversial stand on underage marriage

The Tasek Gelugor MP's view that underage marriage should not be banned drew fire from women activists two years ago.

Rohingya child bride, family leave Perai

Activist urges the authorities to locate the girl before she is married off to someone else.

Ban child marriage among all cultures and religions, Sabah urged

Gender rights group Sawo says allowing children to marry at an early age only leads to more poverty.

MP praises Sabah’s courage in fixing minimum age for marriage at...

Kasthuri Patto hopes the decision will have a spillover effect and will spell the end to child marriages in the country.

Suhakam releases annual report, says worried about Malaysia’s direction

The 348-page report underlines various human rights issues such as child marriages, freedom of speech and stateless children, which continue to plague society.

World Bank: Child marriage costs countries billions in lost earnings

The causes of child marriage are complex and include traditional beliefs, climate change and conflict.

Activists, school kids march to Parliament to stop child marriage

'If the kids are old enough to get married, they are old enough to say something about it.'

More data needed to spur child marriage reforms, says SIS

Sisters in Islam says there must be evidence-based research in order for meaningful discussions to take place.

I wanted to kill myself, says woman married off at 13

The 59-year-old housewife recalls the horror of being a child bride.

Unicef: Shafie more receptive to solving stateless kids issue in Sabah

Unicef is conducting a study together with Universiti Malaysia Sabah and state think-tank Sabah Institute of Development Studies on stateless children.

UN expert urges Malaysia to do more on stateless children, underage...

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, the UN Special Rapporteur on exploitation of children, presents her preliminary findings.

Sabah CM rapped over comment on legal age of marriage

A state Umno leader expresses shock over remarks by Shafie Apdal over calls to raise the minimum age of marriage.

Child marriage: Sometimes I feel 18 a bit ‘lanjut’, says Shafie

The chief minister, however, says all views will be taken into consideration before any decision is made on the legal age limit for marriage in Sabah.

Sabah women leaders rap mufti over child marriage

An activist says there is no proof to the mufti's claim that some children as young as 14 are mature enough to marry.

Let child marriage go the same way as baby selling

The present-day system allowing underage marriages is not much different from the now-outlawed practice of selling babies for adoption.