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Tag: child marriages

Shariah High Court to hear child marriage applications under proposed SOP

The more experienced judges will ensure that stricter conditions are followed.

Marriage of Rohingya girl, 11, called off after authorities intervene

The girl was to have wed a 20 year-old man on Wednesday but police and an activist stopped the ceremony before getting state Islamic religious officers to meet the bride’s father to call it off.

Court ruling brings Indonesia closer to ending child marriage

Indonesia's top court ruled that the government must change the minimum age at which a girl can get married.

Act now or face 100 more years of child marriage, economists...

Researchers say governments in affected countries need to do more to change the social attitudes that favour FGM and child marriage.

Kasthuri Patto on the best Merdeka gift for children

The DAP MP calls for a moratorium on child marriage applications and the conferring of citizenship on stateless children and children who remain unadopted at foster homes.

Ex-judge: Amend Age of Majority Act to stop child marriages

Gopal Sri Ram says all the government needs to do is amend the law and extend it to any area of human activity, including the age to vote and get married.

Activist: Boldly look at shariah, civil laws to solve child marriage

James Nayagam says shariah and civil laws must be aligned in the best interests of children in matters such as child marriage and care.

Will MPs table a motion on child marriage?

Loopholes in the law should be plugged and the legalised abuse of children stopped.

Sabah to launch study on child marriages to assess problem

State Law and Native Affairs Assistant Minister Jannie Lasimbang says the problem is widespread in rural areas and involves various Muslim and native groups.

Woman relates personal trauma of child marriage

Woman, who married when she was 16, says she endures physical and emotional abuse every day from husband who has not had a proper job in 20 years of marriage.

Make biological fathers accountable, MP tells shariah courts

Amanah's Siti Mariah says a weakness in Malaysia's shariah law allows fathers of illegitimate children to go scot free.

‘Rapists should be treated like criminals’

Ex-syarie judge Ismail Yahya says there is no pick and choose in Islam.

Female clerics declare fatwa on child marriage in Indonesia

'Female clerics know the issues and obstacles women face, we can take action and not just wait for the government to protect these children.'

Child marriages expose ‘loophole’ in Child Sexual Crime bill

Singapore daily says over 6,000 applications for child marriages from Muslims made between 2010 and 2015 in Malaysia.

Digging a hole for oneself

As an educated person and a politician, Shabudin Yahaya should have been more careful with his words.

Child marriages: Latest case of statutory rape worries DAP

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching says appeal by man, 20, to police that he will marry pregnant 13-year-old girlfriend, is why law banning child marriages is essential.

The story of Pakcik Bidin and child marriages

Inside the mind of a man who favours child marriages and why there is a real need to bridge the gap between them and us.

How Rohingya girls become child brides in Malaysia

Rohingya imams conduct marriages, and while a marriage certificate is printed there is no indication it is a legal document under Malaysian law.

Malaysia urged to stop rapists escaping by marrying victims

Human Rights Watch says certain Malaysian laws violate the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which Malaysia has ratified.

Education the key to stopping child marriages

Unicef rep says 2010 Malaysian census shows that 82,000 girls and 73,000 boys were married, but 'even one case of child marriage is wrong.'