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Tag: China Economy

China scraps foreign invesment cap in stocks, bonds

A yuan-denominated investment scheme will now be open to all overseas institutional investors that meet certain requirements.

EU business group warns on China’s corporate ‘social credit’ plan

China's planned 'social credit system' has drawn international concerns that it could heighten the Communist Party's already strict control over society and the economy to Orwellian levels.

China to fight back against US tariff move

The US will not win the trade war because of the plight faced by its farmers and businesses, according to China's People's Daily.

China’s July industrial output up 4.8%, retail sales up 7.6%

China's industry ministry said in late July that the country would need "arduous efforts" to achieve 2019's industrial output growth target of 5.5% to 6.0%.

China saving stimulus for trade war winter as yuan weakens

China officials are sticking to a cautious monetary strategy even as tensions with the US worsen.

China’s ex-central bankers warn of lasting currency war with US

Conflicts with the US could expand from the trade front into other areas, including politics, military and technology, financial experts warn.

China will boost economy but won’t use property market for stimulus

Economic growth slowed to 6.2% in the second quarter, its weakest pace in at least 27 years, as demand at home and abroad faltered in the face of mounting US trade pressure.

China’s US$40 trillion banking system learns a lesson on risk

When China's government took control of Baoshang Bank and imposed losses on some creditors, it upended the long-held assumption that it would always provide banks with a 100% backstop.

Trade war threatens Chinese factories’ existence, supplier says

Li & Fung's CEO says China’s factories are getting 'urgent and desperate' as worried US retailers accelerate a move out of the country amid heightened trade tensions.

China to ease ownership rules on oil exploration, gas pipelines

China is easing foreign access to a range of industries including oil, mining and city gas pipelines as the government follows through on pledges to open its economy to foreigners.

China’s factory outlook dimmed again in June ahead of G20 truce

The outlook for China’s manufacturing sector continues to deteriorate due to weakness in the domestic economy combined with new tariffs the US imposed the previous month on Chinese goods.

China’s high-yield bond market has ballooned to US$159 million

China’s credit investors are demanding to be paid for risk – and that’s leading to explosive growth in the nation’s high-yield bond market.

China vows ‘fundamental change’ for foreign investors

A highly-anticipated bill eliminates the requirement for foreign firms to transfer proprietary technology to Chinese joint-venture partners.

Yuan rally seen ebbing as economy woes cloud trade progress

Expert says the market will re-focus on China data instead of bilateral trade developments.

China car slump has dealers slashing prices, giving cheap loans

Chinese consumers are shunning expensive purchases like cars as the economy slows down and the US-China trade war continues.

Chinese stocks are suddenly the world’s best trade in February

Optimism over the US-China trade relationship and a stable yuan improve the standings of Chinese stocks.

Beijing shifts gears to support stocks after 2018 disaster

Chinese leaders make a u-turn to compensate for last year's negative, consequential decisions.

2019 will be the year of ‘re-leveraging’ in China, UBS says

China's total debt-to-gross-domestic-product ratio to rise again this year, says UBS economic research head.

China stocks surge to five-month highs, and overbought territory

New yuan loans, which expanded to a record in January, fueled optimism on Chinese stocks.