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Tag: China-US

Power and interdependence in the Trump era

The relationship of power and interdependence changes over time, and too much manipulation of America’s privileged position in global interdependence could prove self-defeating.

Chinese exporters shift production to low-cost nations

Trade war pushing more Chinese manufacturers of low-tech and low-value goods to relocate.

Dr M using Huawei to needle the US

Opportunities to poke Britain or America in the eye have always been hard to resist – this is how to read his recent support of Huawei.

China must do more to show it’s not a bully, says...

Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong says there is a need for academics in both China and Malaysia to update their knowledge of each other.

The real victims of China’s trade patterns

While China reaps growing benefits from its neighbours, most of the rest of Asia faces a negative net stimulus from it.

Does China have feet of clay?

China is a country with great strengths, but also important weaknesses. US strategy should avoid exaggerating either.

Finance chief: Hong Kong economy stalls amid trade dispute

Economic growth in the semi-autonomous Chinese city for the last quarter of 2018 was less than 1.5% - the weakest since the first quarter of 2016.

Trade wars and US-China engagements with the capitalist system

The US-China conflict must be seen from the broader perspective of how both countries engage with the capitalist system using different sets of rules and regulations.

Oil hits two-month high as China truce signals brighter outlook

Futures climbed 3.3% in New York to cap the third straight weekly increase.

Thai rubber farms stretched as US-China trade war saps demand

Rubber trade is at a crossroads as a bitter dispute between the world's two biggest economies ricochets across Southeast Asia with unexpected consequences.

Alibaba expects strong sales of US goods despite trade war

Alibaba President Michael Evans said he was "not too concerned" about the trade fracas damping sales during the Singles’ Day shopping extravaganza that kicks off Sunday

Lenovo shares pummelled in Hong Kong after microchip report

Bloomberg News said the tiny chips were placed in gadgets made for Amazon and Apple, and possibly for other companies and government agencies.