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Ringgit ditutup rendah berbanding dolar AS

Pasaran serantau dijangka kekal tidak menentu, selagi Presiden AS Donald Trump, mengekalkan pendirian beliau terhadap China dan seluruh dunia.

China, EU meterai perjanjian kerjasama penerbangan awam

China-EU menandatangani 2 perjanjian yang akan terus mempromosi kerjasama dalam bidang penerbangan awam serta memperkaya perkongsian strategik komprehensif.

N.Korean women tell of slavery and gang rape in Chinese cybersex...

Pregnant women sent back to North Korea are forced to undergo abortions without anesthetic.

US eases some restrictions on Huawei to keep networks operating

The temporary ease of trade restrictions is so that Huawei can maintain existing networks and provide software updates to smartphones.

Huawei to support its devices after Google Android bar

Huawei users, fret not. The smartphone company will continue to provide security updates and services.

Beijing denounces US warship sail-by in South China Sea

China calls the US warship sail by the South China Sea as a violation of its sovereignty as high trade tensions between both countries continue.

China has more to offer than US, top Philippine diplomat says

Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary says President Rodrigo Duterte prefers China’s offer of loans and investments over the US's murkier stance.

EU firms ‘caught in crossfire’ of US-China trade war

The ongoing trade clash between Beijing and Washington is 'not good for business', a survey of European firms in China has found.

Huawei CFO house arrest contrasts with Canadians detained in China

The contrast could anger Canadians who compare Meng Wanzhou's conditions with those of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

US warship sails in disputed S.China Sea amid trade tensions

The busy waterway is one of a growing number of flashpoints in the US-China relationship, which also include a trade war, US sanctions and Taiwan.

Huawei will not bow to US pressure

Huawei CEO says the company have made preparations on how to handle the ban handed by Washington.

Australia conservatives ride economy to shock election victory

Morrison's government has to deal with repairing Australia's relationship with China and a harsh housing downturn in a generation.

Kemelut dengan AS paksa China dapatkan sokongan jiran lebih kecil, kata...

Tekanan hebat daripada perang perdagangan dengan AS, memaksa China menstabilkan kejiranannya dan menghalang mereka daripada mengkritik.

Tussle with US forcing China to seek support of smaller neighbours,...

Hong Kong-based daily says Malaysia thwarting efforts by China to have bilateral mechanism to solve South China Sea dispute.

China’s top diplomat calls for US restraint on trade, Iran

China's senior diplomat Wang Yi says China is still willing to resolve differences through negotiations, but they should be on an equal footing.

Cannavaro ‘breaks club rules’ to keep Guangzhou in China title race

Cannavaro considers Tyias Browning, who is attempting to become a naturalised Chinese citizen, as local talent.

China paper says US’s forced tech transfer claims are ‘fabricated’

China in a retaliation against the US claims the latter is 'fabricating' accusations that the communist country forces firms to hand over technology in exchange for its markets.

Ex-CIA agent gets 20-year sentence for spying for China

Kevin Mallory will serve a 20 term prison sentence for his part in spying for China, described by the US intelligence community as an 'alarming trend'.

China creates app to recognise pandas

The app will allow conservationists to use facial recognition technology in identifying individual pandas.

No reason to fear Belt Road initiative, says Yong Teck Lee

The adviser to the Malaysia Maritime Silk Road Research Society says some people have fallen for the false narrative that China will seize assets of countries that cannot pay back loans.

Germany says Europe must maintain own course after US blacklisting of...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the BDI urge that Europe not be dragged down into the trade dispute between US and China.

Huawei ban clouds US-China trade talks, tech sector

China says the Huawei ban by the US could hurt trade talks.

Chinese firms seek Turkish partners in Africa

Chinese firms are eyeing partnerships with Turkish construction firms in Africa, whom they have discussed possible acquisitions with.

China cancels US pork import order as US-China trade war drags...

Chinese buyers dropped orders for more than 3,247 metric tonnes of US-imported pork despite growing African swine fever (ASF) fears.