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Tag: Chinese schools

Deconstructing Mahathir’s racist rage against Dong Zong

Keep in mind that Dong Zong has welcomed Malaysians of all ethnicity into Chinese schools all this while.

200 years of Chinese education worthy of national pride

This achievements by Chinese Malaysians have few, if any, comparisons in the world.

DAP leaders meet as party threatens to implode over khat rage

Tens of thousands take to social media to vent anger, accusing party leaders of betraying the Chinese community.

Teachers’ group says Dong Zong’s opposition to khat in BM syllabus...

NUTP says there is nothing religious about learning the Malay-Arabic calligraphy.

Chinese educationists oppose move to introduce ‘khat’ writing for BM syllabus

They say the art of calligraphy writing has nothing to do with learning the national language.

We need G.A.S, not flip-flops in the teaching of Science and...

In the teaching of Science and Maths, it is best to allow the various communities to have a democratic choice and not force the schools to teach these subjects in English.

Enough talk, time to set right our national schools

Our selection of teachers and headmasters, and also university lecturers, needs to be drastically improved.

Not just Umno, we’ll work with PPBM too, says Hadi

The PAS president says Malays are currently divided, unlike non-Malays.

NGO says 100 Chinese schools ignoring ministry order on computer classes

Persatuan Jaringan Ibubapa Pencinta Pendidikan Bahasa Zhonghua says despite an education ministry ruling that computer classes should not be held during school hours, about 100 schools are doing so and charging pupils for it.

Money for New Era College not from us, says MOE

The Ministry of Education says it has nothing to do with a check presentation ceremony attended by its deputy minister.

How does the UEC jeopardise nation-building?

It is in fact the public school system and the Malay educationists who have done this.

Muar district office: No aide of Syed Saddiq involved in kickback...

Man had only asked for commission to supply items to school, says officer after police report lodged.

Syed Saddiq to lodge report over ‘aide’ claiming 30% kickback

The youth and sports minister says investigations show the man has no links to his office.

Enough debate on UEC recognition, please

The UEC is neither a threat nor a challenge; it only provides an additional avenue for our students to excel.

Why flip flop over independent Chinese schools’ funding, asks MCA

Its deputy president Wee Ka Siong questions Putrajaya's stand on funding for the schools.

UEC recognition may take more than 100 days

Analysts and educationists pin hopes on PH living up to its promises, after abolition of professors council removes an obstacle.

Guan Eng casts doubt on BN recognition of UEC

BN’s election manifesto shows that it will just “consider” giving UEC equal status as the SPM or STPM, says the DAP secretary-general.

MCA’s Liow: Mahathir come, Rocket gone

MCA president says the DAP is a party without principle, in being "willing to pull down the rocket" in all their seats

Najib: We won’t allow attempts to sabotage Malaysia-China ties

PM calls stories about Chinese nationals buying property in Forest City getting ICs and China-Kuantan Industrial Park being off limits to Malaysians, lies that can sow distrust.

Don’t pass the buck, ex-ISA detainee tells Anwar

Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong says Anwar Ibrahim is distorting history, and is equally responsible as the education minister then for angering Chinese educationists.

Hindraf: Combined class teaching in vernacular, rural schools bad for the...

Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy says there should be no discrimination when it comes to education.

Sabah has given RM334 mil to Chinese schools, churches, temples since...

The Sabah state government sets aside RM32 million every year to fund maintenance and other costs of Chinese schools and non-Muslim houses of worship.

DAP’s Lim Lip Eng wants RM100m suit by MCA struck out

Citing UK case, Segambut MP says political party has no basis to sue, over allegation that MCA pocketed public funds, instead of contributing to Chinese schools.

‘Too late to abolish vernacular schools’

Former senior education ministry official says existing Chinese education group and growing presence of Tamil groups means vernacular schools are here to stay.