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Tag: Chinese voters

Najib predicts better win after GE13 scare, 1MDB ‘mistakes’

The prime minister sees no movement for a change in government and is confident of a good result for BN in the May 9 polls.

SUPP’S Dr Sim should do a ‘Lee San Choon’

Political observers say Dr Sim Kui Hian should do what the former MCA leader did and take the fight to DAP in its Bandar Kuching stronghold.

‘Erratic’ DAP, PKR losing support, says Sabah BN leader

President of LDP claims voters are losing confidence in parties from now defunct Pakatan Rakyat as their leaders lack principles.

Report: Najib’s real challenge to balance ‘Malay first’ policy and minority...

The Diplomat says to retain his leadership, Najib bent towards a ‘Malay first’ and conservative Islam stance but now it has come to haunt him as he has to convince non-Malays he is their leader too.

Don’t fall prey to DAP’s lies, Zahid tells Chinese voters

DPM Zahid Hamidi says the DAP pledged to improve the people’s lot in the two previous general elections, but nothing came of it.

‘Chinese may suffer if they continue to support DAP’

Those who stubbornly reject BN's inclusive spirit may also have to do without the government’s allocations, contracts and aid, warns Umno Youth vice-chief Khairul Azwan Harun.

So, who is telling the truth?

The Election Commission's redelineation proposal sees all political parties talking about being on the losing end, but the eventual outcome is quite apparent.

Mahathir: Show Najib the door with Amanah win

Victory in both by-elections won't bring change in the government, but the effort shows people reject Najib, says ex-premier

Adenan to Chinese: Be in gov’t or sit out in isolation

Sarawak Chief Minister says he does not cherish not having any Chinese in the government.

Vote for SUPP if you want a Chinese rep, says CM

If the Sarawakians want Chinese ministers in the state government, then they have to vote for SUPP, says Adenan Satem.