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PPBM Youth to Nga: Say sorry for school banner in Chinese

Teluk Intan MP under fire for his "apathetic behaviour" over the banner, after being reprimanded by the education minister.

Mix with the Chinese if you want to excel, businessman tells...

Former Renong Bhd executive chairman Halim Saad says he has mingled with the Chinese since his days in primary school.

Enough provisions in law to charge Zakir Naik, say lawyers

Haris Ibrahim says it is offensive for a foreigner like Zakir Naik to come to Malaysia and insult citizens while Lim Wei Jiet says the preacher can be charged under three sections of the Penal Code.

Enough is enough, deport Zakir Naik, says minister Syed Saddiq

An attack against 'our Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters' is an attack against all Malaysians, says the youth and sports minister.

Take action against Naik over ‘old guests’ jibe, MCA Youth tells...

The wing's chief, Nicole Wong, says the controversial preacher's remarks warrant the highest criticism.

Chinese in Malaysia luckier than in Singapore, Indonesia, says Utusan op-ed

Commentary by senior editor of the Malay daily compares the plight of Chinese schools in the three countries.

Samsung embroiled in ‘One China’ row after K-pop star pulls out

Chinese K-pop star Zhang Yixing cancels his agreement with Samsung for allegedly hurting China's sentiment on 'territorial integrity' with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Honouring the Malay language is paramount, period

Let’s not speak of unity when the medium of instruction in our national schools is still up for debate.

General Tso’s Chicken: A super easy recipe to cook up

Many don’t dare ask how to make this recipe, assuming it’s difficult. But the good news is that it’s super easy to make at home.

Chow Mein: Quick, easy and oh, so tasty

Follow this easy recipe using chicken and shrimp for the best tasting noodles ever.

The historical streets of Kuching

Main Bazaar, Carpenter Street and India Street all played a significant part in Kuching's fascinating history.

Chinese national charged with cheating woman of RM180,000

She is alleged to have cheated a woman of the money to carry out rituals to rid her house of evil spirits in Kuching.

Fortune Dragon: A definite tourist attraction in Johor

The Fortune Dragon snakes its way around the garden and visitors enter through the dragon's mouth and exit near the tail. Inside there are 144 steps up and down.

MyBanana: A delightful marriage of Indian and Chinese cuisine

Pork lovers in Petaling Jaya should squeal in delight for they can now trot over to MyBanana to gorge on its signature banana leaf rice with pork.

3,200 places for Indian, Chinese students for matriculation a ‘one-off’ last...

SPM students who have not received offer letters to do matriculation can appeal to the education ministry.

Chinese in Rantau miss Tok Mat and will vote for him,...

The party's state chief, Siow Koi Voon, says the poor economy and lack of development is upsetting the Chinese community.

Museum honours pioneer Chinese migrants to Malaysia

The Malaysian Chinese Museum depicts the struggles and sacrifices of those who left their homeland centuries ago to start life anew here.

114 Chinese nationals nabbed over online bets worth millions

The suspects, including 21 women, used the WeChat application to attract gamblers from China.

Groups, politicians voice concern over racial bias in private sector hiring

They say recruitment should be based on merit and not on racial considerations, with some suggesting the introduction of an equal opportunity law.

Christmas Islands’ Malays no longer second-class citizens

A new generation of Malays is dreaming big and building progressive lives.

Germany, France agree industrial policy plan for Europe

The proposals call for more investment in innovative technologies and an overhaul of the European Union's competition rules.

Philippines tax agency sets sights on online casinos for Chinese

The tax bureau also wants to join an inter-agency team monitoring the number of Chinese nationals working in the online gaming industry.

Thousands of Chinese pray to the God of Wealth

Devotees flock to the Guiyuan Temple in Wuhan in central China on the 5th day of every Lunar New Year, to mark the birthday of the god Caishen.

Chinese carver leaves his mark making granite Muslim gravestones

He operates 'workshop' under a tree in an old part of Kuala Selangor.