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Kitkat goes Malaysian with durian, roti canai and nasi lemak flavours

Look out for other uniquely local flavours like onde-onde, rose bandung and apam balik to celebrate Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day.

Asia’s chocolate bonanza sparks quest for locally grown beans

Asia’s processing of cocoa beans jumped by about 30% in the three years to the end of 2018.

Swiss specialities: chocolate, cheese and … wine?

The global reputation of Switzerland's winemakers may be set for a boost, backed by a new export promotion strategy.

Nestle finds new way to make chocolate without adding sugar

The food and beverage industry is under pressure from consumers and governments to make healthier products.

Alain Ducasse to bring his chocolate atelier to Bangkok

The chocolate heaven will be setting up shop in the Athena 23 building, close to the large Central Chidlom commercial centre.

Delectable success for local chocolate confectioner

How a dream, a dash of ingenuity and hard work created a recipe for success for an entrepreneur.

Ghana farmers sweet on cocoa minimum price drive

The price drop of cocoa squeezes Ghanaian farmers, who welcome government intervention.

5 delicious cheesecake recipes to try right now

Surprise family and friends with a fluffy and delectable cheesecake treat by following any of the recipes below.

Ravages of time on an African cocoa plantation

Agostinho Neto, where once cocoa was shipped out to the world, now faces the threat of rotting away as time takes its toll on its plantations.

Chocolate addiction leaves Asia with a craving impossible to satisfy

Asia is becoming a chocolate frenzied continent with more cocoa shipments coming into our shores from Africa and South America.

How eggs and bunnies became symbols of Easter

Easter and its associated symbols have a surprisingly long and complicated history dating back to antiquity.

Chocolate and chilli: A match made in heaven

Spiced hot chilli chocolate is not something new as even the Mayans of Guatemala in 460 A D were already enjoying chocolate with cornmeal and chillies.

These Asian chocolatiers are spicing up the global sweets scene

A growing crop of artisans are gaining local followings as they garner gourmet awards from London and Paris and slowly win over chocolate lovers worldwide.

Chocolate Chip Kopi Mug Cake… oohhh yum!

Made in a jiffy, this mug cake is moist, aromatic, and oh-so-good for tea-time or a sinful midnight snack.

Humans and chocolate: a 5,000-year love story

As a major crop today, used by most of the world's population for an enormous variety of purposes, cacao is of great interest to humanity.

Shiroi Koibito Park: A ‘sweet’ paradise not to be missed

From chocolates to ice-cream to leaning towers of 'biscuits', this English-themed park in Sapporo is a joy to visit for the young at heart.

Mondelez profit rises on higher chocolate sales, cost controls

The business, which houses Cadbury, Milka and Trident Gum, reported second-quarter sales of US$4.55 billion, a 5.2% rise from a year earlier.

Lindt continues to challenge Hershey on home ground

The maker of Lindor chocolate balls is expanding a plant in Stratham, New Hampshire, over the next four years, constructing high-tech production lines for premium chocolate, the company said Tuesday.

Indonesia has a chocolate problem

A millennial re-imagining of the chocolate-malt drink Milo - one of the region’s favourite treats - into Es Kepal Milo, which translates as “Milo on round ice”, might just turn things around.

Medical ‘facts’ granny told you that were lies

Sometimes the 'lies' your elders told you were borne out of good intentions but rarely carried an ounce of truth.

‘If Mourinho was made of chocolate he’d eat himself’, says Docherty

Docherty knows what it takes to succeed at United after spending five years in charge in the 1970s and he doesn't believe Mourinho has the right stuff to thrive in Manchester.

Brainpower: 4 foods to keep you staying sharp as a whip

While a healthy diet keeps us physically fit, we must also eat right to maintain the efficiency of our brain function.

Tickled pink: Japan lovers taste new chocs on Valentine’s Day

Marketing departments go into overdrive to promote the "fourth" type of chocolate, after milk, dark and white.

Halal chocolate takes off as sweet-tooth Muslims want their fix

Malaysia doesn’t grow much cocoa, but it has become the continent’s No. 2 processor by grinding beans imported from neighbouring Indonesia.