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Tag: Chow Kit

From sleeping on the streets to businessman – an ex-addict turns...

Yusri Sahrin used to roam the streets looking for his next fix until he found Pengasih Malaysia, a drug rehabilitation centre run by former addicts, which helped him reintegrate into society and contribute.

Paedophiles target Malaysian kids after infamous Asian countries up pressure

Ordinary Malaysians are unaware of the problem, with families innocently handing kids over to 'aunties' acting for sex syndicates, claims Tenaganita.

Sup on Afro-Caribbean flavours right in the heart of KL

Transforming a pre-war shophouse into a gorgeous restaurant and bar, four friends make Joloko 'the' place for Afro-Caribbean cuisine and cocktails.

Private Adam’s sister apologises to Johor royal family

Hawa Jaafar, the younger sister of Private Adam Jaafar, says her brother ran amok due to problems at his workplace, not because their sibling was purportedly murdered.

Mitos ‘sultan bunuh’ dan insiden amukan Chow Kit 1987 disorot kembali

Peristiwa berlaku 30 tahun itu sarat dengan pelbagai khabar angin, dan seorang wartawan berazam merungkai kesemuanya dalam sebuah buku selepas bertemu sendiri dengan Prebet Adam Jaafar.

Di tengah ‘sarang pelacur’ KL, sebuah surau bawa perubahan

Surau comel di Lengkok Raja Laut, Chow Kit menjadi pelita untuk pelacur dan pekerja seks lain 'berhijrah'.

Anak Chow Kit dapat kupon hadiah

Pengasas Grow The Goose mencetuskan idea pemberian kupon bagi setiap perbuatan baik atau kerja yang dilakukan kanak-kanak Chow Kit.

Man faces trial on 11 counts of raping daughter

Judge refuses bail for 38-year-old accused who can be jailed up to 30 years on each rape charge.

Sarawak girl’s sex ordeal in Chow Kit

16-year-old from Lundu said to have been repeatedly forced by her father to have sex with him over three weeks.