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We’ll apply for funds for PTMP only after PSR approval, says...

The Penang chief minister says without PSR, there will not be any LRT approval.

Penangites to enjoy one-off free online consultation by GPs

State government collaborates with online firm to provide discount on medicines.

Penang records huge jump in investments to RM8.85 bil in first...

However, state government is concerned over effects of China-US trade in second and third quarters.

Seberang Perai dapat status bandar raya selepas Aidilfitri

Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Zuraida Kamaruddin berkata hari ini bahawa kertas kerja dan formaliti lain berhubung keputusan Kabinet akan disempurnakan selepas Hari Raya.

Penang govt to hold dialogue on schools affected by PIL 1

It will also meet the education ministry to discuss concerns, says the chief minister.

Change ‘rich and developed’ notion of Penang, Chow tells Putrajaya

CM says this sort of thinking has hampered efforts to get more development funds from the federal government.

Even a ‘cargo-only’ Kulim airport will impact Penang badly, says Chow

He says reports by two consultants also indicated the Kulim airport will be in direct competition to the Penang airport.

MACC cleared undersea tunnel company, not me, says Chow

The chief minister says he was only passing the message.

3-island project will satisfy huge demand for land, says Chow

Chief minister also reveals that the state government has purchased more land in Batu Kawan, where a major international medical city is to open and IJN and a cancer institute are planning their branches.

Chow surprised by Penang governor’s request for a new admin complex

State will consider the idea if there are adequate funds and land, says chief minister.

Pulau Pinang mahu skim penyaluran air mentah dengan Perak dipercepat

Sungai Muda, yang merupakan sumber bekalan air mentah Pulau Pinang kini hanya berupaya memenuhi keperluan air negeri itu dan Kedah sehingga 2025.

Projek bekalan air Perak-Pulau Pinang sepanjang 15km mungkin dibiayai swasta

Perak mahu menjual air terawat kepada Pulau Pinang, sementara negeri berkenaan berminat untuk menyalurkan air mentah dari Sungai Perak.

Ekonomi P Pinang mungkin rosot tanpa tebus guna tanah Bayan Lepas,...

Chow Kon Yeow kata tanpa projek Bayan Lepas pada 1970-an, Pulau Pinang akan kekal menjadi kampung nelayan.

1970s project transformed us, Penang CM says amid plans for more...

Chow Kon Yeow says without the Bayan Lepas project in the 1970s, Penang would have remained 'a sleepy fishing village'.

No approval of reclamation project ‘technically true’, says Penang CM

Chow Kon Yeow says the previous EIA for the three islands project was rejected due to concerns over its impact on fisheries.

Putrajaya approves Penang’s 3 islands reclamation project

Penang chief minister says the National Physical Planning Council has also given it 18 pieces of advice regarding the implementation of the project.

‘SPRM dapati kontraktor terowong dasar laut tak babit salah laku’

Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Chow Kon Yeow berkata, projek pembinaan terowong dasar laut Pulau Pinang dan 3 jalan utama itu akan diteruskan.

JAS lulus Lebuhraya PIL 1 dengan 56 syarat

Chow Kon Yeow berkata, Jabatan Alam Sekitar memberi kelulusan kepada projek itu pada 10 April lalu dan pembinaannya dijangka dimulakan menjelang pertengahan 2020

Show us accounts since 2009, don tells Penang-owned private company

He praises Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow for having a monitoring panel for CMI.

Penang sets up committee to monitor Chief Minister Inc

The chief minister says a special ledger will be introduced to show the 'inflow and outflow of revenue' at CMI to ensure accountability.

After drastic drop in FDI, Penang sets up special panel to...

Attributing the 86% drop in FDI last year to the cyclical nature of the electrical and electronics industry, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says a new investment council has been tasked with attracting investments.

Dahulukan pembesaran lapangan terbang PP, kemudian bina Kulim, kata ketua menteri

Dewan Perniagaan Cina Pulau Pinang bimbang mengenai projek pembinaan lapangan terbang Kulim yang diumumkan kerajaan baru-baru ini.

CM: Expand Penang airport first, then do Kulim

Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce meet state government to express concern over the Kulim project.

Penang to crack the whip on illegal dumpsites

CM says illegal dumpsite in Bukit Mertajam is being closely monitored.