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Tag: Christchurch shooting

New Zealand MP gets security cover after threats over hate speech...

The Christchurch shooting is now a subject of great debate in New Zealand more so since an Iranian born lawmaker is provided security after receiving threats by white supremacists.

Mosque massacre video distributors get death threats, court told

Footage of the horrifying massacre, in which 50 people were killed, was live-streamed and quickly spread around the internet in the hours after the attack.

New Zealand police say Christchurch accused to face 50 murder charges

The terrorist will face 50 charges and the March 15 attack was the country's worse lone shooting.

NZ cancel Under-19 tour of Bangladesh after Christchurch shooting

Both cricket boards agreed proceeding with the April tour would be insensitive and inappropriate.

‘Muslims are safe in New Zealand’

New Zealand foreign minister Peters reassures safety of Muslims in the country.

Hundreds of Kiwis call police to turn in weapons after ban

In the first 20 hours after the ban took effect, nearly 500 people had called a special hotline set up by police for people to arrange the gun hand-ins.

Christchurch shooting: Our tragedy, our failure

We pride ourselves on being civilised, yet the biggest tragedy is that we are not civilised enough to stop killing each other over race and religion.

NZ massacre video resurfaces in Erdogan campaign

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used videotaped snippets from the Christchurch massacre to galvanise his pious, conservative base ahead of local elections.

White House dismisses praise of Trump by NZ shooter

US President Donald Trump has condemned the Christchurch massacre as a 'vicious act of hate' but also said that he does not see rising white nationalism as a threat.

‘You are safe now’: Moments of heroism in Christchurch massacre

Brenton Tarrant's murderous rampage through Christchurch was halted by the sheer bravery of a few individuals.

Pakistan to award ‘courage’ of citizen killed in Christchurch

Naeem Rashid is believed to have attempted to stop the gunman before being shot dead.

Zuckerberg’s bad week got worse with livestreamed shooting

As a service outage, executive departures and a criminal probe damages Facebook's reputation, the Facebook video of the Christchurch massacre fuels further criticism of the company.

NZ mosque survivor says Quran bookshelf saved him

Taxi driver Abdul Kadir Ababora says he believed his death was imminent as he took cover beneath a bookshelf.

Tony Fernandes quits Facebook, citing social media ‘hate’

The amount of hate that goes on in social media sometimes outweighs the good, the AirAsia boss says in a Twitter post.