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New Zealand sorry over mosque shooter’s ‘hateful’ letter

New Zealand officials apologise after allowing the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter to send a letter from prison espousing 'hateful' views which was later shared online.

NZ police report ‘serious’ incident in Christchurch

The incident comes four months after a lone gunman killed 51 people and wounded dozens in shooting attacks on two Christchurch mosques.

Plan for gun megastore in Christchurch sparks backlash

The megastore's proposed location is just 1 km from the racetrack where New Zealand held its first firearms buyback.

Christchurch sedia terima lebih ramai pelarian

Bandar itu meneruskan tradisinya yang membanggakan dengan menawarkan permulaan baru kepada keluarga yang terpaksa melarikan diri dari tanah air mereka.

New Zealand launches gun ‘buy-back’ scheme for banned weapons

New Zealand's government launches a 'buy-back' scheme to compensate owners of banned semi-automatic weapons in the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Mural ikonik PM New Zealand berselendang, peluk wanita Islam terima pelbagai...

Loretta Lizzio membelanjakan $11,000 beli peralatan lukisan hasil daripada kutipan page GoFundMe sebagai simbolik sebagai sebuah peringatan untuk menerima dan meraikan perbezaan budaya serta agama.

Austria far-right figure admits e-mails with NZ attack suspect

Austrian investigators are probing whether there was any further contact between Martin Sellner and the shooter Brenton Tarrant.

NZ mosque attack death toll rises to 51

Nine people who had been shot in the attack remain in hospital in stable condition.

Invoking God’s name in vain: Lessons for Malaysia

In the wake of the atrocities in Sri Lanka and New Zealand, let us remind ourselves that Malaysia is not free from the threats and menace of terrorism, either.

Police say bomb not linked to Christchurch attacks

Jay Michael Harding-Reriti has been charged with the possession of ammunition, explosives and offensive weapons.

NZ police arrest man after responding to bomb threat

Police were called to respond about threats about an explosive device in Phillipstown, Christchurch.

Treasure peace before it’s too late

A nation will not truly appreciate the worth of living in peace until its people are embroiled in chaos and turbulence.

Prince William visits NZ mosques attacked by gunman, meets survivors

Prince William made the two-day visit to New Zealand on behalf of his 93-year-old grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

Putera William akan beri penghormatan kepada mangsa serangan masjid NZ

Duke Cambridge itu dijangka tiba di New Zealand pada 25 April atau Hari Anzac, dan akan melakukan perjalanan bersama Perdana Menteri Jacinda Ardern.

NZ police seek man over Christchurch mosque worshipper abuse

Police said the man was wearing a 'Trump' t-shirt and black cap.

New Zealand votes for gun law changes after Christchurch attack

The gun reform bill must now receive royal assent from the governor general before it becomes law.

Mangsa serangan Christchurch berpura mati kongsi pengalaman

Meskipun Rahimi hampir lumpuh namun dia tidak berdendam malah memaafkan cuma mahu perbuatan kejam diadili sewajarnya

Court orders mental assessment for NZ massacre suspect, murder charges added

Brenton Tarrant has been moved to New Zealand's only maximum-security prison in Auckland and appeared at the Christchurch High Court through a video link.

New Zealanders set to turn in guns

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called for a nationwide ban on semi-automatic weapons, following a horrific mass shooting last month.

Before mosque attacks, New Zealand failed to record hate crimes for...

It said that a number of people over the years have experienced hate speech, specifically Asians and those who are identified as 'other' in terms of ethnicity.

Derma AS$2 juta untuk mangsa Christchurch wajar disalur kepada Uighur, kata...

Persekutuan Teochew Antarabangsa mengutip sumbangan berjumlah lebih AS$2 juta untuk mangsa serangan di Christchurch.

Mosque attacks remembrance service begins in Christchurch

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is joined by representatives from 59 nations, including her Australian counterpart Scott Morrison.

Man charged with NZ mosque attacks gave money to Austrian far-right

The head of Austria's Identitarian Movement received US$1,690 in early 2018 from a donor with the same name as the man charged over the March 15 Christchurch attacks.

NZ PM welcomes Facebook bans on white nationalism, separatism

Facebook's ban was a shift in policy after criticism by civil rights groups that it was failing to confront extremism.