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UK launches review on global persecution of Christians

The UK Foreign Office said an average of 250 Christians were killed each month in 2017 because of their faith.

The ‘poor man’s church’ to help the marginalised

Two men share how their churches try to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged often ignored by society at large.

Pakistani Christians fear arrest in Thailand

Christians make up less than 2% of Pakistan's Muslim-majority population, but are the sporadic targets of hardline Islamists - churches have been bombed while pernicious charges of blasphemy are pinned on the group, often to settle personal scores.

Evangelical Christians parade through Jerusalem in support of Israel

Many evangelicals see Israel's existence as a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, and a pilgrimage to the holy city is auspicious at this time with Christianity's Feast of the Tabernacles.

CCTV cameras and eviction for Beijing “house church”

New regulations have increased government pressure on the churches to "sinicise" - to be culturally Chinese and submit to oversight from the Communist Party.

Christians not second-class citizens, Vatican tells Saudis

In a first for a senior official from the Vatican, a cardinal visited Saudi Arabia last week and signed a cooperation accord with Saudi authorities.

US Christian tourists see deep meaning in Trump’s Jerusalem move

Phillip Dunn, pastor of an evangelical Christian church in the US state of South Carolina, said he saw Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital last month as part of biblical prophecy.

Pope renews call for Jerusalem status quo

Francis said that "only a special status, guaranteed by the international community, can preserve its identity, (and) unique vocation as a place of peace".

Christian body: Churches are non-partisan towards politics

But that does not mean Christians cannot be involved in politics and social activism of the day, says a Christian body.

Christians in Sabah set for a rainy Christmas

The mood is set for the yuletide season in Sabah as the celebrations will see families, some comprising Muslims as well, coming together for the festivities.

Christians worldwide prepare for holidays with an eye on security

Majority-Muslim countries in Asia and the Middle East are particularly nervous after U.S. President Donald Trump's recent announcement that he intends to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a decision that has outraged many Muslims.

This Christmas, Raqa’s churches demined but deserted

The city has been left ravaged by fighting and only a small percentage of its pre-war population has returned as the year draws to a close.

Inter-religious harmony in SEA under threat from rigid Islam, says report

The spread of imported rigid and sectarian forms of Islam in the region can engulf entire communities, as the Philippines has discovered.

Melaka govt gives village until Jan 1 to relocate Christ statue

Replica of Brazil's famous 'Christ the Redeemer' statue, which was put up without approval in Portuguese village, must now be removed by end of the year.

‘We are one’: Christians, Muslims unite against Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Palestinian Christians stand with Muslims in protest against US declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, saying it is 'dragging all the world into trouble'.

Christians the best people to speak on Christology

Christian leaders should be invited to speak at the open forum on Christology instead of non-Christian speakers or those who lack the credentials and authority to touch on such topics.

Christian group slams Mais for wanting DBP to translate Bible

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship says Bible can only be translated by Christian scholars who are authorised by the church.

Sabah Council of Churches applauds statement by ex-IGP

Its president, Melter Jiki Tais, agrees that Malaysia is not an Islamic country although it is governed using Islamic systems and values.

Rise of identity politics causing split in Indonesia, says researcher

Alissa Wahid says this growing Muslim group feels they are the rightful owners of the world and non-Muslims are the enemy.

Need for more open dialogue with Muslim groups

Writer believes having more speakers with differing views will also make these dialogues more productive.

Sabah church’s musical tribute to Hari Raya a hit

Video clip of Catholic church band in Keningau playing 'Suasana Hari Raya' after Sunday mass, receives praise from Malaysians and is widely shared on social media.

Nasrudin urges Muslims to resist Christian evangelism

PAS information chief labels 'evangelistic Christians' as aggressive and cunning, earning a rebuke from lawyer Syahredzan Johan who warns him not to make sweeping statements.

Christians hope for an ‘open Jerusalem’ for Easter

Palestinian Christians from the West Bank and Gaza receive special permits to enter Jerusalem for Easter however sparse permit allocation can sometimes cut across families.

When a Muslim choir’s ‘Silent Night’ lit up the world

The group in Lebanon, a unique Muslim-majority country, sang ‘Silent Night’ in the Arabic language, winning praise from all.