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Anwar: Love of the people will keep PH strong

PKR president says federal and state government must show compassion to the people regardless of their background.

Sabah PKR declares support for Azmin

State party chief Christina Liew says with today’s advanced technology, anyone can doctor videos such as the ones which went viral.

Badak sumbu Sumatra jantan terakhir mati kerana usia tua, kegagalan organ

Timbalan Ketua Menteri Sabah Christina Liew berkata, kematian Tam disebabkan usia lanjut dan kegagalan beberapa organ.

Sabah bimbang kesihatan badak sumbu Sumatra jantan terakhirnya semakin merosot

Sejak 2011 semua usaha yang dijalankan di Malaysia bagi menyelamatkan badak sumbu Sumatra daripada pupus tertumpu pada penggunaan teknologi reproduktif terbaru, termasuk pensenyawaan in vitro.

No more sightings of Sumatran rhino in Sabah, says minister

Sabah Environment Minister Christina Liew says studies have not found any footprints of the Sumatran rhinoceros or recorded any photos of them.

Timbalan KM enggan ulas kemasukan rasmi PPBM ke Sabah

Christina Liew berkata pihaknya hanya mahu menunggu ketibaan PPBM secara rasmi pada 6 April depan.

Why is Sabah PKR complaining, asks PBS Youth

The party's objection to the impending entry of PPBM is surprising, says PBS Youth chief Christopher Mandut

Pengerusi PKR Sabah terkejut PPBM mahu ke Sabah

Christina Liew berkata ada persefahaman antara Pengerusi PPBM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Presiden Warisan, Shafie Apdal ketika PRU14.

Sabah DCM shocked by protest against Tawau Xmas celebrations

Christina Liew says police should investigate what motivated the group to protest and the people behind them.

Acclaimed pianist Claudia Yang, to perform in Sabah

The performance by the Malaysian-born pianist based in Beijing, is part of a celebration to mark 45 years of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China.

I’ve majority support to be Sabah PKR chief, says Liew

The Sabah deputy chief minister says she is forced to reveal the names of her supporters because of allegations by another faction.

Revoke Liew’s appointment as Sabah PKR chief, say division heads

They claim the appointment was not made in accordance with the spirit of democracy advocated by the party.

PKR announces chairmen for several states

The decisions were made by PKR president Anwar Ibrahim after consultations with divisional chiefs.

Anwar: Ketua PKR Sabah diketahui selepas mesyuarat Biro Politik

Presiden PKR itu berkata, Biro Politik parti itu akan bermesyuarat Selasa ini untuk membincangkan kepimpinan negeri yang baharu.

Sabah PKR chief brushes off talk of move to oust her

Christina Liew describes talk of efforts by some local PKR leaders to replace her as state PKR chief as ‘hearsay’.

Sabah PKR mutiny to oust chief?

A source says a meeting is being called tonight, and Liew is not invited.

13 lagi cabang PKR di Sabah mengundi hari ini

13 cabang PKR terlibat proses pemilihan hari ini ialah Putatan, Penampang, Kimanis, Papar, Tenom, Pensiangan, Kudat, Kota Belud, Ranau, Beluran, Kinabatangan, Silam, dan Semporna.

Sabah DCM unhappy MASwings ceasing operations on 2 routes

Christina Liew urges the transport ministry and the Malaysian Aviation Commission to reconsider the decision as this will adversely affect Sabahans.

With 130,000 members, Sabah PKR seen by some as ‘kingmaker’

Some members seem to think the state will be the determining factor in the PKR election but state PKR chief Christina Liew disagrees.

Suit filed to stop political interference in Sabah land grab case

Two Bagahak men filed the suit as they fear Borneo Samudera would be pressured to accept an out-of-court settlement with Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew.

Security good so barter trade won’t impact tourism, says Sabah DCM

Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew says reintroduction of barter trade in the Eastern Security Sabah Zone will not affect tourism as security forces will be able to handle criminal activities, including kidnappings.

Sabah DCM declines to comment on multi-million ringgit land grab suit

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew says she’s unable to comment on the 2014 Borneo Samudera case as it is still under appeal, after a new report was lodged with MACC.

Sabah PKR chief denies rift from party polls

Christina Liew says allegations and rumours are the norm during party elections and that she is glad her political secretary has been cleared of involvement in the rape of two Indonesian women.

No decision on coal mining yet, says Sabah DCM

Christina Liew says the issue of coal mining, although raised with the chief minister, is still at the discussion stage.