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Tag: Christmas

Sabah DCM shocked by protest against Tawau Xmas celebrations

Christina Liew says police should investigate what motivated the group to protest and the people behind them.

Don’t bring West Malaysian culture into Sabah, warns PBS

PBS Youth chief Christopher Mandut urges Sabah government to step in and control the situation before it worsens.

Cholesterol levels higher after Xmas, says study

Cholesterol levels are influenced by the fatty food consumed during the festivities.

Kaamatan, Gawai to be included in National Open House calendar

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says the two festivals will be celebrated at the national level, just like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas.

Meth-ry Christmas! Not so fast, say Customs

Sabah Customs officers detain man who came to take delivery of boxes containing drugs.

Still believe in Santa at your age? Trump ignites Twitter storm

Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree after the US president made his remark during a holiday event with first lady Melania Trump.

The ‘poor man’s church’ to help the marginalised

Two men share how their churches try to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged often ignored by society at large.

Queen warns of ‘tribalism’ in Christmas address

The 92-year-old monarch's tone reflects a sombre mood sweeping the island nation as it ponders the perils of leaving the EuropeanUnion after 46 years in March.

Pope urges ‘fraternity’ in Christmas message

The head of the Catholic Church hopes for renewed peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Tiny Indonesian church prays for tsunami victims on Christmas day

The powerful tsunami struck Saturday night and without warning.

Don’t be so backward, Sabah Islamic body tells PAS over Xmas...

It says Sabahans have been celebrating various religious festivals in harmony for years without overstepping religious boundaries.

Christmas dashed for residents of Sydney ‘cracking’ tower

The 392-unit tower opened this year and is near the site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Divers to honour Xmas by restoring coral reefs in Sabah

The group of eight will get the public, particular tourists, involved in the activity at Pom Pom island.

No Xmas trees or presents for these Sabah villagers

The folk of Longkogungan, surrounded by a jungle, celebrate the occasion in their own way, with prayers and merrymaking among familiar faces.

A time of joy, but we all have our Christmas niggles...

December means the excited build-up to Christmas, but for some, it brings its own special worries.

Can’t Christmas be for Muslims too?

These Muslim converts believe that changing your religion shouldn't stop you from joining in the celebrations

It’s Ayam Masak Merah, not Roast Turkey, for Orang Asli at...

The Orang Asli community have their own set of traditions - feasting on local dishes, holding church performances and kicking off the festivities as early as November.

Pilgrims gather at Jesus’s traditional birthplace for Christmas

Palestinian tourism officials and hotel operators have reported their strongest season in years.

Why display such abrasiveness against Christmas?

I can’t imagine what would happen if a non-Muslim were to describe an Islamic festivity in a negative way.

Nissan director’s wife says Christmas day release a possibility

Kelly, who was arrested along with Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn on Nov. 19, may be able to communicate with his family soon.

Oil eases on oversupply concerns ahead of holiday

Rising oil supplies and a slowing global economy have put crude oil under pressure.

Ringgit slightly lower in early trade

A dealer said sentiment in the market was sour amid a possible US government shutdown coupled with lower bond yields on the back of concerns of slowing economic growth.

With budget talks stalled, US girds for lengthy government shutdown

A budget deal to end the partial shutdown appears to last past Christmas.

Humbug! Hanover coach slashes struggling squad’s Christmas break

Breitenreiter threatened his squad with extra training over Christmas if they failed to meet his target of four points from their last two league games of 2018.