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Tag: Chuah Ghee Lye

After 40 years, Penang top cop sent off in style

Retiring state police chief Chuah Ghee Lye wants to spend more time with family and on the fairway.

Tanah runtuh: Polis akan turut jalankan siasatan

Ketua Polis Pulau Pinang, Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye berkata fokus awal ketika ini ialah untuk kerja SAR oleh agensi berkaitan memandangkan mangsa terlibat dipercayai tertimbus sehingga kedalaman 10 meter.

Penang police on hunt for 11 Gang 04 leaders

State police chief says this follows the arrests of 24 low-level gang members, some of whom were serving in community groups and village committees.

Drug suspect probably left Penang, says state police chief

Penang CPO assures case of policemen who were bribed in the daring escape of a drug trafficker in custody, is just due to 'a few rotten apples' in the force.

Drug suspect fled after allegedly bribing cops, says police chief

8 cops under investigation for allowing detainee to escape and making a false report, with Penang police chief alleging they were paid to let detainee visit friend.

Penang police take charge of JJPTR probe

This follows a police report lodged in Kuala Lumpur against the money game operator by a Taiwanese representing 50 investors.

Polis Pulau Pinang lipat ganda usaha basmi judi

Chuah Ghee Lye mengalu-alukan gesaan timbalan perdana menteri untuk menjadikan usaha membanteras kegiatan jenayah, khasnya perjudian sebagai KPI bagi polis Pulau Pinang.

Penang cops to intensify efforts against gambling outlets

Penang CPO welcomes DPM's new KPI for state police to eradicate gambling-related crimes, saying efforts to do so have been in progress since early this year.

Tortured ‘brain dead’ teen wanted to be like AR Rahman

Friends and relatives tell a tale of secret societies, threats behind Friday’s gruesome incident involving an epileptic teen deemed ‘effeminate’.

Police await blood test results to charge teen driver

Teen can be charged with causing death while driving under the influence as soon as the results are known, says Penang police chief.

Did business rivalry lead to Penang woman’s death?

Logistics executive had been known to be 'heavily involved' in husband's moneylending business, according to her friend.

Penang murder: Woman not pregnant, no triad link

Police chief asks for all eyewitness videos to be sent to them to help with murder investigation of logistics executive.

Selva Kumar is a free man here, say cops

Penang police chief Chuah Ghee Lye says Selva Kumar's movements cannot be restricted unless he breaks the law, adding that 'Canada's worst rapist', can also visit Penang if he wishes to.