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Sabah Umno man knocks Deputy CM over RM1mil church donation

Rahman Dahlan says Wilfred Madius Tangau had in 2018 praised the BN state govenment for looking after the welfare of non-Muslims.

Mexican church leader held on US$50 million bail in Los Angeles...

The head of a Mexican-based church, which claims over 1 million followers worldwide, is being charged with human trafficking, child pornography and rape of a minor.

Ethiopian churches oppose gay travel company’s tour plans

The gay tour company says it has received death threats since announcing a 16-day trip to Ethiopia, which includes numerous historical religious sites.

Gunmen kill 6 in Burkina Faso Catholic Church

The gunmen managed to trap some of the worshippers, killing 6 people.

Coffee lovers, listen up! Hanoi House Cafe makes a serious brew

The standard hot coffee with condensed milk is thick, aromatic, and packs a punch. What's there not to love about it?

Sri Lankan Catholics say lonely prayers as churches close for second...

Father Suranga Warnakulasuriya has been saying mass in an empty church in Negombo every day since the slaughter at three hotels and three churches. 

Afraid but unbowed: Sri Lanka Catholics pray for Easter bombing victims

Scores of Christians hold a heavily guarded vigil outside the church in Colombo, which was partially destroyed by the bombing.

Easter Day bombs in Sri Lanka churches, hotels kill 156

The death toll continues to rise, with 156 killed. There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attacks.

In war-torn Syria, an ancestor of Notre-Dame still stands

The architecture of the cathedral in Qalb Lozeh is believed to have influenced the design of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Priest stabbed during mass in Canada

Authorities say the suspect suddenly ran up to the priest and attacked him with a knife.

Macron’s Ethiopia visit raises hopes for ancient stone-carved churches

Lalibela locals hope French President Macron's visit to their region will bring funds and support to maintain their centuries-old stone churches.

Historic Centre of Macau: A symbol of multiculturalism

The Historic Centre of Macau comprises twelve core buildings (shown on the map) and a number of other buildings and spaces of historical and architectural importance.

Mexican Church suspended 152 priests for alleged sexual abuse

Mexico is home to the world’s second-largest Catholic community after Brazil.

Berlinale film breaks silence over church child abuse

The film explores the impact of the protagonists' decision to act on long-dormant memories of abuse on scouting excursions and summer camps.

Five Abu Sayyaf members surrender over Philippine church bombing

An Abu Sayyaf operative and four members of the militant group believed to be behind the deadly bombing of a church in the southern Philippines surrendered to authorities over the weekend.

Duterte impersonator sparks frenzy at Hong Kong church

Hundreds of distracted worshippers erupted into cheers and took photos of the impersonator, who goes by the stage name Cresencio Extreme.

Duterte orders airstrikes in Mindanao after deadly blasts

Authorities have intensified operations against a splinter group from the Abu Sayyaf in the southern province of Sulu.

Wife of jailed Taiwan activist condemns China visitation ban

Activist Lee Ming-che was sentenced to five years in prison on charges of subverting state power last November 2017.

Philippines vows to crush ‘terrorists’ after church bombs kill 27

The attack has wounded 77 and is one of the deadliest in recent years in a region long plagued by instability.

St Peter’s: Oldest church in Melaka still standing

A date inscribed on one of the bells installed at the church suggests the structure was completed around 1710.

Taipei: The story of Tamsui’s black-bearded barbarian

Visit the places where missionary George Leslie Mackay, known to locals as the black-bearded barbarian, lived when he preached Christianity to the locals.

Ecumenical Patriarch signs decree granting Ukraine church independence

The patriarchate endorsed Ukraine's request for the new church in October.

Tiny Indonesian church prays for tsunami victims on Christmas day

The powerful tsunami struck Saturday night and without warning.

Pope: Church will ‘never again’ ignore abuse accusations

Pope Francis said the Church will never seek to hush up or not take seriously any case.