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Churches in Malaysia of historical and architectural appeal

Some of the oldest and most famous churches are in Melaka. In 1618 there were 7,400 Christians there with 14 churches and two chapels.

Sri Lanka police chief, ex-defence secretary arrested over bombings

Pujith Jayasundara and Hemasiri Fernando will be held responsible after being arrested for failing to prevent April's Easter bombings in Sri Lanka.

No Malaysian injured in Sri Lanka Easter Day bomb blasts

Malaysians in Sri Lanka have been advised to take precautions.

Victims of Church sex abuse go global with fight for justice

Activists will gather at Pope Francis's summit to tackle sex abuse happening in churches.

Tighter security for places of worship

Police will extend the 1Masjid 1Polis programme to all mosques from March and introduce a similar programme to churches and temples later.

The ‘poor man’s church’ to help the marginalised

Two men share how their churches try to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged often ignored by society at large.

China shuts down prominent Christian church

The state-linked China Christian Council estimates the country has around 20 million Christians - excluding Catholics - in official churches supervised by the authorities.

Hard-hit Venezuelan churches forced to accept plastic for donations

Crippled by food and medicine shortages and failing public services of water, electricity and transport, Venezuela's churches have begun accepting donations by card payments and bank transfer receipts.

Pope Francis to seek closer ties with non-Catholic churches in Geneva

During his visit to Geneva, he will take part in an "ecumenical prayer" for the organisation's 70th anniversary, highlighting his commitment to unity between various Christian denominations.

Shafie: Sabah govt will help all races, religions

Warisan leader says his government will help to build churches and even give allowances to Christian pastors if there are funds.

Holy Land churches snub Jerusalem reception over tax dispute

The dispute follows a surprise decision by Israeli officials in Jerusalem to begin collecting property taxes from Christian institutions.

Ku Nan denies saying fake news being spread in churches

The minister says he only referred to churches as an example because his message was to all places of worship, including mosques, surau and temples.

FEMA allows churches to apply retroactively for disaster aid

The decision comes after three churches sued the agency over its policies towards churches.

Christian body: Churches are non-partisan towards politics

But that does not mean Christians cannot be involved in politics and social activism of the day, says a Christian body.

This Christmas, Raqa’s churches demined but deserted

The city has been left ravaged by fighting and only a small percentage of its pre-war population has returned as the year draws to a close.

Who’s really responsible for curbs on non-Muslim places of worship?

No amount of shouting or asking for the resignation of DAP leaders will undo the damage that BN parties such as MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others have done to non-Malays in the country.

Restrictive guidelines for non-Muslim places of worship ridiculous

I wonder why the authorities continue to treat Muslims like fragile dandelions whose faith will crumble with one puff of breath, when the majority of Muslims are intelligent.

‘Explain need to tax donations for religious bodies’

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok admits that the amendment slipped past MPs as their attention was on Hadi's Bill on empowering shariah courts.

Penang donates RM100k for 156-year old church restoration

The contribution was towards the restoration of the Church of the Assumption in George Town, also known as the Old Cathedral, built in 1860.

MCA: ‘Naughty’ Lim has no moral grounds to advise churches

Ti Lian Ker takes DAP secretary-general to task for tempting churches to sign Citizens' Declaration.