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Cops nab cigarette company employee for ‘stick-up’

This comes after police review CCTV footage and find inconsistencies in the report by the victim.

House of Sampoerna: Indonesia’s kretek puffs

Surabaya’s House of Sampoerna is a cigarette museum that tells the story of Liem Seeng Tee.

Upcoming tobacco law could go up in smoke without political will,...

Greater enforcement plus a more comprehensive review of tobacco and smoking products is needed.

Tobacco maker BAT says post-SST cigarette pricing still hazy

British American Tobacco says increasing prices of cigarettes is inconsistent with the government's plan to fix a ceiling price.

MP fined for violating smoking ban in Parliament

It comes a day after a ban on smoking came into force.

How old Marlboro smokers are being wooed to try new devices

Philip Morris is trying other tactics as well, such as cold-calling companies and asking to hold seminars for its employees on the appeal of iQos.

BAT churns out tobacco profit as cigarette alternatives stumble

BAT’s profits will provide a rare bit of cheer for tobacco investors as doubts intensify over long-term prospects for the cigarette industry.

Vaping under threat in tobacco-loving Indonesia

Jakarta says it will impose a whopping 57% tax on non-tobacco alternatives starting this summer as criticism grows that the government is siding with tobacco firms.

‘Kiddy packs’ won’t cut illegal cigarette trade, says anti-smoking group

The Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control says any proposal to introduce smaller, 10-stick packets of cigarettes is merely an attempt by pro-tobacco groups to entice young people to light up.

BAT says ‘kiddie pack’ idea taken out of context

Cigarette firm claims the proposal to sell smaller packs will help counter scourge of illegal cigarettes in Malaysia.

Chinese tourist in custody for smoking during flight

The man, who was part of a group flying to Tawau for an island getaway, set off an alarm when he took a puff in the toilet.

‘Smoking kills,’ US tobacco firms say in court-ordered ads

Further court-ordered ads with additional health messages will continue appearing in the newspapers of more than 50 major cities through April, said the American Cancer Society.

Retail body says small packs can curb illicit cigarette trade

An association representing coffee shop owners also disagrees with the term 'kiddie packs' to refer to cigarrete packs of 10 sticks.

Veiled marketing: Anti-smoking groups slam Indonesia’s Big Tobacco

Cigarette makers are making the most of this, tying up with small retailers and rewarding them for in-store promotion of products, the anti-smoking groups said.

Man suffers burns as he lights cigarette

Tan Eng Kian, 36, is in critical condition after suffering 70% burns caused by the fire from a cigarette lighter.

‘Address easy access to contraband cigarettes, liquor’

Criminologist says just increasing fines is not going to solve the problem and enforcement must be stepped up

RM100,000 fine proposed for illegal cigarettes, liquor

Customs director-general T Subromaniam says the proposal is expected to be brought to Parliament in July.

Half of smokers in country smoke illicit cigarettes

Government intends to change laws to penalise those who sell illicit cigarettes.

Smokers find it easy not to quit, says anti-tobacco group

The government needs to make smoking less cheap and ensure enforcement of rules to stop Malaysians from lighting up, says Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control.

Man leaves ‘suicide note’ on FB and jumps off Penang bridge

The sundry shop owner, in a viral message, claimed he was frustrated after having to face court action for selling contraband cigarettes.

The lack of human rights at the WHO

It is obvious that the World Health Organisation, though under the United Nations, does not abide by the articles on human rights promoted by its parent body.