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Tobacco Control Bill to be finalised by month’s end, says Dzulkefly

Health minister hopes to table the bill in Parliament early next year.

E-cigarettes could help smokers quit tobacco when used daily

However, smokers who used e-cigarettes, but not daily, were no more likely than non-users to stay off regular cigarettes.

Quitting smoking? Here are 4 triggers you need to beat

Dealing with triggers is not easy. However, once you can identify your own smoking triggers, you're already halfway to quitting smoking.

CAP warns of creative tobacco industry to beat new laws

It urges the health ministry to plug all loopholes in current legislation and anticipate how the tobacco industry will evolve in the future.

British American Tobacco plans to introduce its heat-not-burn products

Tobacco company says it is ready to roll out its tobacco products but is waiting for price approval from the government.

Health ministry to issue summonses for smoking ban starting July 1

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye says summonses will be issued to those caught smoking at eateries after the six-month grace period.

Why Malaysia needs one law to cover all tobacco products

Former health official says all tobacco products should be subject to the same regulations as cigarettes.

Heat-not-burn refills shouldn’t be dodging tax, health requirements

Former health ministry official and a think-tank say heat-not-burn refills need to be treated like cigarettes.

Putrajaya urged to ban heat-not-burn smoking devices

The products, which entered the market last year, have reportedly been banned in neighbouring Singapore.

Big US chains called out for selling tobacco to kids

The US Food and Drug Administration expresses concerns over major chains such as Walmart and Exxon for selling cigarettes to underage consumers.

Egypt’s tobacco monopoly climbs as state sale draws in investors

The offering is part of a long-delayed program to sell additional stakes in key state-run companies.

After smoking ban, Putrajaya mulls plain packaging for cigarettes

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye says the ministry will study the matter and consult with stakeholders.

Hawaii considers raising legal smoking age – to 100

The proposed law, introduced by local Democratic representative Richard Creagan, would effectively amount to a cigarette ban by 2024.

Court allows group to challenge smoking ban

The High Court however refused to issue a stay order on the ban.

Sabah cops seize RM8 mil worth of cigarettes, alcohol in pre-CNY...

Sabah police chief Omar Mammah says they have made the biggest seizure of contraband items to date in the state.

Banning duty-free cigarettes unlikely to solve illicit trade, says LGE

However, the finance minister says he will discuss the suggestion to disallow the sale of duty-free cigarettes on three islands with the health ministry.

Set aside 5% of sin tax for health programmes, says think...

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says at least 30 countries are already using tax on tobacco for health programmes.

Prices of cigarettes go up next month

Recent implementation of SST will cause prices for all types of tobacco products to increase.

Cops bust syndicate, seize record RM9 mil in contraband items

Bukit Aman says it it is the biggest contraband seizure in the country to date.

Is Putrajaya for or against smoking?

The SST exemption for a section of the cigarette market is seen as inconsistent with the plan to ban smoking in outdoor eateries.

Stop taking revenue from sin taxes, economist says on tobacco trade

Ramon Navaratnam says it is counter-intuitive to continue profiting from the tobacco industry.

Bloomberg targets Big Tobacco’s “underhanded tactics”

Big Tobacco's tactics include suing governments seeking to implement plain packaging for cigarettes, sponsoring cultural events or sports teams, and challenging the legality of smoke-free zones.

Japan Tobacco to acquire Bangladesh company for US$1.5 billion

The maker of Mevius and Winston cigarettes has been buying up businesses in markets where smoking is more prevalent.

Imperial takes on Juul as big tobacco faces upstart rival

Imperial Brands Plc is releasing new vaping pods in the US and UK containing nicotine salts, which allow the stimulant to be absorbed into the bloodstream more rapidly than when using a conventional e-cigarette.