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Tag: Citizens’ Declaration

‘Ratu Naga’ joins PKR to redeem herself

Syarul Ema, the woman in the row about soliciting signatures for Citizens' Declaration, who was questioned about photos of Pahang Sultan and Najib's wife posted online joins PKR.

Mahathir writes to all heads of states

In advance of the Rulers Conference on Tuesday, ex-premier says it is timely to let them know about the Citizens' Declaration against Najib

Citizens’ Declaration was not a waste, says Zaid

The former law minister says the voice of the people had significance and it cannot be ignored.

Nazri: Everything Dr Mahathir is doing is embarrassing

Umno Supreme Council member says what the former PM is doing does not make sense any more.

Mahathir: I failed to convince Agong on Citizens’ Declaration

Former prime minister says people's movement would appeal again to the King and all the Rulers as the signatories to the Citizens' Declaration are their subjects.

Agong’s role to safeguard nation, says Aziz Bari

Constitutional law expert says Prime Minister's Office cannot speak on Agong's behalf over the meeting with Dr Mahathir on Citizens' Declaration.

Agong has power to dismiss PM, asserts lawyer

Dr Mahathir's lawyer Haniff Khatri says a provision in the Federal Constitution gives the Agong the authority to do so, dismissing claims by BN leaders that there is no such power.

Ambiga: I support Dr M as nation needs rescue

“It is also a political necessity for new political alignment to take place," says the activist.

‘Citizens’ Declaration unconstitutional, King can’t help Dr M’

PM says King has ordered that any action should go through the proper channels, which are the Parliament and the general election to allow the people to decide.

Zaid ready to face off with Nazri in GE14

Former law minister slams Umno man for criticising Mahathir Mohamad over his meeting with the King, and says his comments are "rude" and an embarrassment to the government.

Mahathir’s men to petition the Rulers

Citizens' Declaration will be sent to Rulers' Conference, audience to be sought with any Ruler willing to receive a representative of the group.

Rulers can check the PM, says Mahathir lawyer

Mohd Haniff says King and Rulers' Conference are the fourth arm of government as a 'check and balance'

Raja Petra: Mahathir brought only 45 signatures

RPK questions what happened to all the rest of the 1.3 million signatures said to have been collected for the Citizens' Declaration made by politicians and activists

What more does Mahathir want, Nazri asks

Umno Supreme Council member says former PM has already got all that he has asked for.

Lawyer: King cannot sack PM based on declaration

The better way is by motion against the prime minister when Parliament is in session, as Citizens' Declaration is merely a political statement, says Syahredzan.

Agong questioned the 1.4mil signatures, says Raja Petra

Malaysia Today blogger says Mahathir's audience with Tuanku Abdul Halim at Istana Anak Bukit was "a disaster."

Mahathir had to meet Agong or ‘lose face’, says Salleh

Minister says Mahathir Mohamad had no other choice but to hand over to the King, the Citizens’ Declaration bearing the 1.4 million signatures.

BN leaders dismiss Mahathir-Agong meeting on Citizens’ Declaration

Barisan Nasional component party leaders liken meeting to a 'mosquito bite', calling it an insignificant attempt to dislodge BN and a waste of the King's time.

Mahathir hands over Citizens’ Declaration to King

Former prime minister has audience lasting more than an hour with the Agong at the Istana Anak Bukit in Kedah.

Tamrin won’t join Bersatu

Former Batu Berendam MP Tamrin Abdul Ghafar also quits Citizens' Declaration secretariat, but does not want to give reasons.

Mahathir accuses police of harassment

After being interviewed four times, “I am sure there will be another police questioning after this is published,” he says in a blog posting today.

Chegubard lodges report with MCMC over fake SD

SAMM founder wants MCMC to investigate the individuals behind the dissemination of a fake statutory declaration by several Facebook accounts supporting the Citizens' Declaration.

Dr M: At least Pak Lah listened to the people

Former prime minister says Najib Razak's reasoning of being democratically elected to continue in office as the PM, no longer works.

Independent candidate draws boos from crowd

Izat Bukhary Ismail Bukhary "hijacks" a Citizens' Declaration signing event to campaign for himself.