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Stop harping on the social contract, we are all Malaysians

To those born in this country, there is only one class of citizenship and no one is superior or subordinate to another.

JPN lodges police report over ‘200,000 new citizens’ claim

JPN says citizenship has been granted to only 4,422 eligible applicants since change of government in May last year.

Home ministry denies claim that 200,000 given citizenship

It says action will be taken against Twitter user for making allegation unless he can back up his claim.

Probe late birth registrations using SDs in Sabah, PBS tells Putrajaya

PBS welcomes the move to stop such registrations, saying no documents should be issued for applications using SDs unless these are properly verified.

No citizenship for foreign home buyers under MM2H campaign, DPM assures

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says there will be no MyKads or permanent residence granted, only a 10-year visa.

The mothers who go in circles to get citizenship for their...

Unlike men, Malaysian women who apply for citizenship for children born overseas must undergo a lengthy registration process.

Ministry wants automatic citizenship for kids of Malaysian women born overseas

At the moment, only men can obtain automatic citizenship for their children while women must undergo a lengthy registration process.

20 nabbed over fake citizenship documents

Police say the syndicate would hunt for foreigners seeking citizenship, with the process handled by someone at Penang JPN.

NRD lodges police report over online ‘citizenship for Chinese’ claims

The department says it is being tarnished by allegations that Chinese nationals have been granted citizenship.

Minister confirms Canada will not repatriate ‘Jihadi Jack’

Canada’s public safety minister says Jack Letts need to assume the consequences of his actions.

Let state officials help review citizenship procedures, says activist

Solidarity Anak Sarawak says the government should also resolve the problem of Sarawak natives who are denied citizenship.

UK strips citizenship of ‘Jihadi Jack’

The move to strip Jack Letts of his UK citizenship has prompted a diplomatic row with Canada.

Trump administration to block immigrants who may need government aid

The long-anticipated rule takes effect Oct 15 and would reject applicants for temporary or permanent visas for failing to meet income standards.

Serbia grants citizenship to Thailand’s fugitive ex-PM

The Serbian government cites a legal provision that 'a foreign citizen can also be granted citizenship if that is in line with the country's interests.'

Strip those selling MyKads of their citizenship, urges PBS

This follows the recent case where cops busted a syndicate offering MyKads and birth certificates for sale in Semporna.

Citizenship application process to be trimmed, says Muhyiddin

The home minister says the process will be shortened from three years to one, while SOP for applications will also be reviewed.

Trump drops executive action on US Census

Trump drops plans to add a contentious US citizenship question to the 2020 census but insists the government would obtain the data by other means.

Trump abandons controversial census change

President Donald Trump's government gives up a controversial attempt to put a question about citizenship on next year's census.

How did foreigners get identification documents, NGO asks Sabah govt

Borneo Dayak Forum concerned over news that 10 fishermen abducted off Sabah had documents which are normally issued by the native court.

100,000 Chinese nationals granted citizenship? Nonsense, says govt

Home ministry says only 37 individuals from that country were granted citizenship over the past year.

Now, PBS calls for RCI on citizenship

PBS president Maximus Ongkili says the RCI will help ease the fears of the public following an alleged citizenship drive in the state.

NRD to lodge police report on so-called ‘citizenship drive’ in Sabah

In a statement, the NRD says all official documents issued by the department won't be distributed to the public arbitrarily.

Be more open about granting citizenship, Sabah urged

State PPBM man says names of applicants should be put on display so that the general public can get involved and give feedback.

After 3 strikes, teen wins bid to obtain citizenship

Judge orders the National Registration Department to issue a MyKad to the girl who was born to a Malaysian father and Filipino mother.