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Tag: Civil servants

Psychology alone won’t help civil servants manage work pressure, says expert

Psychologist Geshina Ayu Mat Saat welcomes Cuepacs' suggestion but says one should not depend on psychology alone to address the stress affecting civil servants.

Step down voluntarily, Kadir Jasin tells non-performing ministers, CMs

The prime minister's special adviser on media and communications further adds it is also the rakyat's responsibility to ask them to reconsider their positions.

Raya bonus of RM450 each for civil servants

The Prime Minister's Office says civil servants from Grade 56 and below will receive the money on May 24.

PM urged to allay concerns of political patronage at Intan

William Leong says there are those who view the axing of the 52 students as an indication of some demanding political allegiance.

Respect legislators, Penang speaker tells govt dept directors

The speaker of the Penang assembly says department heads must work hand-in- hand with legislators after an assemblyman complained that a DID official refused to utter even one word over flood problems raised by him numerous times.

418 civil servants arrested for bribery in 2018

Of these, 140 were charged, says deputy minister Hanipa Maidin.

Don’t abuse power, no matter how little, Dr M tells civil...

The prime minister says besides shunning corruption, government servants should carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.

Comprehensive solution to stateless issue coming soon, says minister

P Waytha Moorthy says the PH government is in the final stages of engagement with various groups, but also notes that civil servants are too rigid when it comes to citizenship applications.

No plans to lay off present workforce, Putrajaya assures

Deputy Minister Md Farid Md Rafik says the government is looking at ways to 'optimise' unfilled positions in the civil service.

‘Don’t misinterpret what Mahathir said on reducing civil service’

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says the number of civil servants cannot be reduced at one go.

Ex-servicemen: Act against little Napoleons who sabotage govt

National Patriots Association says some civil servants, still supportive of the previous regime, are dragging their feet in implementing policies of the PH government.

Where’s the change at local government level?

Local authorities have not shown any sign of improvement in fighting graft and in providing services to the tax-paying public.

Civil servants involved in 35% of corruption cases in Penang

State secretary Farizan Darus says Penang will raise its target to reduce graft cases by 40% this year.

Work closely with political leaders, Sultan Nazrin urges civil servants

Civil servants should counsel and give the best findings to political leaders, he says.

We are being treated as outcasts at work, claim 52 axed...

They say some of the officers are suffering from depression and some have been placed in ‘cold storage’ at work following the decision of Intan to axe them from a course they were attending.

Qatar steps in to pay civil servants wages in Gaza

The payout, thought to be around US$15 million, is part of a US$90 million Qatari donation that began in November and is due to be paid into Gaza over six months.

Cut wages for Dec 9, says Kadir after Kelantan declares holiday

Veteran newsman says if Kelantan civil servants are paid, it will be akin to paying them to take part in the anti-ICERD rally in KL.

Special payment for civil servants to be disbursed on Dec 18

Officers below Grade 54 will get RM500 and pensioners will get RM250, the Public Service Department said.

Govt defers decision on civil servants’ involvement in politics

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the government is also deferring decision on the separation of powers of the attorney-general and the public prosecutor.

Civil servants to get RM500 special payment before Dec 25

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the government hopes to use the revenue from the implementation of the SST for the bonus.

Dr M slams civil servants who serve party, not govt

The prime minister says problems will arise when a new administration takes over if they are not professional in carrying out their duties.

Hindu civil servants get extra day off for Deepavali

Those celebrating Deepavali can take a day off on Wednesday.

Hard work can make us great again, says top civil servant

Ismail Bakar makes a rallying call to civil servants to increase productivity.

Here’s proof, Guan Eng shows letter on Kelantan’s finances

The finance minister says according to the letter, the PAS-led government had asked the federal government for RM97 million.