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Tag: civil service

Be politically neutral, PM reminds civil servants

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says civil servants in a democratic system where the government changes through elections must not be bound to the ruling party.

Sabotage in the civil service?

Any sabotage against the new government is more likely due to incompetency and corruption than political differences.

RM10.5 mil in Raya bonus for Sabah civil servants

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says all ranks of government staff will receive the payment in the next few days.

Exercise programme for civil servants great but add diet advice too,...

Two fitness experts and a dietitian say a balanced and nutritious low-calorie diet should complement the exercise sessions to curb obesity among government officers.

USM gets more money from Putrajaya than Penang does, says backbencher

Gooi Hsiao Leung says Penang should be given more federal funds to reflect its true contribution to the economy.

Perak to downsize civil service in phases

But it says the 3,390 civil servants currently serving in the state will not be affected.

Sabah Water boss fails to respond to suit on appointment

Ex-chief minister Yong Teck Lee and another person have sought a declaration that the appointment of Amarjit Singh was null and void.

No plans to lay off present workforce, Putrajaya assures

Deputy Minister Md Farid Md Rafik says the government is looking at ways to 'optimise' unfilled positions in the civil service.

Civil service needs more than desk files, work procedure manuals

Only a lean and mean civil service will be able to cut red tape and the government needs to resolve the problems of overstaffing and duplication of work.

Govt to bring back procedures to address red tape, says Dr...

The prime minister says task flow charts and the like will help civil servants know what to do without going through a complicated bureaucratic process.

Stop pushing STEM and giving false hopes to the young

Pure science graduates are a frustrated lot as they can’t get jobs or research opportunities, so the government should first make available sufficient jobs or career opportunities before promoting STEM.

Privatisation will not cost civil servants their jobs, says Guan Eng

The concerns of all the stakeholders will be taken into consideration, assures the finance minister.

RM100 mil a year savings with 4 agencies scrapped

On government job cuts, deputy minister says no permanent staff were sacked and only 1,691 contract officers were terminated.

Trim the civil service based on needs and performance

The real issue is not the number but the right number for each ministry.

Do proper analysis before downsizing civil service, Najib tells PM

Pekan MP also says privatisation might not be a solution to trim 'bloated' workforce.

Privatisation policy still relevant after 36 years, says Dr M

The prime minister says it can help tackle the oversized civil service which has heavy financial implications for the country.

Buck up or leave, ex-civil servants tell successors over threat of...

Inevitable technological advancements will see most losing their jobs, so civil servants are being urged to improve themselves and acquire new skills.

We’re only doing away with redundant posts, PSD clarifies

The Public Service Department responds to a report that 16,000 civil servants are set to lose their jobs in a rationalisation exercise.

After 6 decades, Malaysia still not united, says Dr M

The prime minister says this is because everyone wants to maintain their culture and heritage.

Address the problem of incompetent civil servants

Most rural and illiterate folk do not dare question civil servants and demand for accountability.

Civil service reshuffle will involve other posts too, says chief secretary

Ismail Bakar also dismisses claims that the reshuffle was politically motivated.

Mutual distrust bubbles between civil servants and ministers

Senior civil servants say sometimes neither side knows what the other wants, and that some officers of ministers are spying on them.

Corruption in civil service ‘very, very low’ now, says Dr M

The prime minister says corruption has fallen since Pakatan Harapan took over federal power.

Civil servants cry foul after axed from postgrad course

They say they were axed from the public administration course due to a sudden hike in passing requirements.